Week 10

I am beyond grateful to have had this opportunity to do Main Street Philanthropy. Some things I’ve learned throughout my experience is dealing with tax returns, having to contact people, and helping others. My favorite part was actually going to A Place For Grace and Nemours Hospital giving them the check and taking a tour of their facility. It gave me a whole new perspective on how you can help local places, and how easy it is to sign up and help those places. When we had the ceremony for the end of the year, I was happy when we recongnized everyone and when Mr. Farnsworth gave his speech at the very end. I had a wonderful experience, and can’t wait to continue next year and the years to come it’s such a great experience. I’m happy to have been apart of something so great.

Week 8

Last Thursday my leadership class took a bus to go visit a place for grace, and Nemorus hospital. I was so amazed of all the projects Mr. Gilbert takes part in with a place for grace, and how he gets so exited when he talks about how he built the organization from the ground up warmed my heart. I can’t wait to volunteer there it will be such a great experience. Then When we went over to Nemorus Hospital it was breath taking view and design and how big the hospital is. They are very organized in everything that they do to their staff all the way to the technology and how the hospital was designed to make kids feel safe, secure, and strong while they are recovering, Even for the families it’s a great experience to go there. For the kids they have many rooms for them to be there own person to think, play, and make them feel like everything will be okay.  I’m exited to start a summer camp program over there as well, but something I bet everyone was satisfied with is the attitude of the staff and of course the meals provided, or that you can buy. I have to say the best part of the whole day was seeing how grateful the places we gave money to were when they recieved the check from MSP/ different groups. I wish we could do the experience and field trip all over again. It was such a wonderful time. Can’t believe it’s almost coming to an end.

Is that your final answer? ~ Week 8

During week 8, on thursday m ygroup the life savers decided to give the money we raised to one of our own organizations that we had in mind called the wounded warrior project. Even though they did not come in and give an oral presentation about their organization we feel that they are very trustworthy  and areliable  foundation to donate to. They are located in Jacksonville, Florida, so during next week when we go and deliver the money we raised to different organizations unfortunately they can’t be one of them, we will have to mail it to them. My experience working in a group inviroment rather than individual is a lot more fun and interesting you get to take in other peoples thoughts and opinions rather than just your own. It’s a good team bonding and building experience. My group had agreements on most of the decisions that were made , if we had a disagreement we just put forth why we thought one anothers idea was good and decided on the best one to take action with. Next week I expect to not only have a great time while going to some of the places different groups are donating to but seeing the reaction, and attitude of each organization, I’m so exited

What’s your favorite charity? ~ Week 7

This week I interviewed my dad, him and I have a great relationship but I asked him questions that I didn’t really knew he went through and thought till this week. I interviewed him because I love finding out more about his life and he’s just so easy for me to talk to, he’s like my best friend. Something that I asked him was ‘Where did you grow up and how are things different then they are today?’ and he replied that he grew up in Central Florida, and that when he was growing up he didn’t have individual bottles of water he had to get it out of the sink, which I thought was interesting and had no idea that he didn’t have that growing up. Something else I found interesting was that I asked him ‘if you could fix one serious problem in the world today, what would that be?’ and he said dictatorship. I found out more interesting and information about my dads life growing up that I didn’t know before and I’m happy I interviewed him and we did this activity this week, im exited to see what next week has in store.

What do insiders say ~ Week 6

During week 6, I learned from the non profit panel, was that there was 3 really great organization that knew exactly what they were talking about when they received certain questions. What I learned from the panel that will help me decide how to distribute my funds is seeing which one could give more information, stood out from the rest, and really grabbed my interest. The organization that really grabbed my interest was the lady who came for Give Kids the World. She Has only been there for 6 weeks and already is so involved and knows so much about the organization she’s apart of. I like how she originally wanted to be a teacher but changed her carrer path and is now apart of such a big organization.
My group is currently collecting the orders we have for our fundraiser. We’re doing a pre-order bake sale, that involve the faculty at our school. I am positive we will reach 100 dollars, and go over the suggested amount. It’ll be fun to bake all the different goods for the faculty who orders them. There are cupcakes being made by Emily, fruit pizza being made by Elizabeth, cookies being made by trey, and brownies being made by me. We will know all by this week how much money we have raised. Can’t wait to see what next week has in store.