Week 10

Main Street has taught me so much! From reading the tax returns, being able to work in a group, raising money. And to the daily life skills that you will need in life! I am so honored to have participated in this group. I loved being able to give back the community it makes me feel so good! Yes I am more likely to give back to the community in the future with my time and resources. The biggest thing I learned is giving feels better than receiving.

Week 9

In week 9, we finally got to deliver check to a few organizations of our groups choices. Our first stop was a place for grace, my group picked this wonderful place to give our check to. There were many things to why we wanted to donate; one is we want to help get food out there for people who go to bed hungry. When we gave our check to Mr. Gilbert it felt so good to do something to help our community. Seeing their faces was priceless, it made me feel so good inside. Many people do not realize how greatful we are to go and get a snack out of our pantry or to have a meal every night. We knew that the money would be going to great use, you could tell the people were really dedicated to make their a community a better place.

Week 8

Throughout this great process we have been working together, my group was the hunger group. We all decided that we wanted to help our community which would make the most impact. The organization that we choose was A Place for Grace. Qualitative analysis that showed us they are making an impact in our community and plan to continue to do so, there is over 3,000 kids that are homeless and go to bed hungry each night. Everyone thought A Place for Grace was perfect to donate to. I can not wait for this upcoming week, because we get to visit and see how they impact the community so much!

Week 7

Last week we had a few people come in last week and talk to us, they all had to do with health. I learned so many things about the American Heart Assoc. and Nemours. I did not realize that the sick children get to pick there own color to be in charge of something. The person I interviewed was my mother Erin Ingler. I choose her because I wanted to know more of what she though about organizations an so forth. She surprised me when she told me that she does meals on wheels to give back to the community. Meals  on wheels is where adults bring food to elderly people who can not drive. I am really glad I choose my mom to interview I have learned many new things about her. I can not wait for next week!

Week 6

The organization that I contacted did come, and showed me how much A Place for Grace does helps this community. Many things A Place for Grace does for instance, the provider uses his own money to keep this place going strong. All of the donations go straight to helping the homeless. Everyone that works there is a volunteer. Every Saturday they have a meal for the homeless and after they finish eating, they get to pick out clothes and take with them some dry food they can eat.There is over 3,000 kids that are considered homeless just in Osceola County, that is un real.

Our team’s fun raiser is going good, we each have asked different individuals if they would like to donate to this wonderful organization. I can not wait till next week!