Week 9

Delivering the checks to the organizations was great. It was awesome to see where the money we raised was going, it was also good to see the other charity because it is so close to where I live and learning about it made me want to volunteer there. I also liked taking a tour of the charity because they told us what they do and how important their causes are and how dedicated they are to help.

Week 8

My team decided on which organizations based on how successful they are for our investment. We all chose to donate to the same organization so we will be giving 100 dollars to Nemours children hospital. My experience working in a group environment has been fun. We enjoyed sharing our ideas with each other and participating. It has been very easy for our group to get along. We had no disagreements and we all got along very well. I’m expecting the field trip to change my view on the whole experience because I will be able to actually see who I’m helping. I think it will really open my eyes and make me want to do it even more in the future.

Week 7

I interviewed my dads girlfriend, Erika. I chose her because I felt like it would be a good way to learn more about her and her views on giving to others as well as her life in the past. Her view on child abuse surprised me because I’ve never looked it the way she does. I learned that everyone can see differently and have different opinions on certain topics depending on previous experiences in their lives. I also learned that it is important to ask questions lole the ones in the interview because they are personal and can help you see a new side to someone.

Week 6

From the non-profit panels, I learned how important it is to see how the person reacts to your questions. If they smile, you can see how passionate and dedicated these people are to their cause. Also, learning about how the program works helps to understand and decide where you want to donate. I am learning that you have to earn the money that people donate to you. You should show that you care about the cause in order for people to want to donate.

Week 5

I am learning that there is definitely more than one way for you to tell if you want to donate to an organization. You should find out where the money is actually going before you donate. You should also see where the organization will be in the future, if the organization is financially unstable then you might want to reconsider. The method I see more value to is looking at where the organization will be in the future so your money actually goes to the cause you’re donating to. It is slightly difficult to find a non profit organization because some of them either don’t have anyone you can keep in touch with to set up a meeting or they just don’t have the right mission.