Week 10

I have learned a lot from this experience. I learned how to donate to charities, talk to adults, and make a difference in my community. I’ve also learned that working with groups was a lot easier than being by myself. I’m glad we were able to donate to Nemours Children’s Hospital together. Participating in Main Street Philanthropy has made me want to make a difference in my community and be a better person. Because of this great program, I will donate to charities in the future.

Week 9

Delivering the check to Nemours made me feel great because I knew we were donating this money to a great hospital. I also noticed during the tour that Nemours technology is very advanced, the workers are enthusiastic about their job, and each child is well cared for and has a variety of fun and beautiful places to visit in the hospital. I felt great about our decision to donate to Nemours children hospital.

week 8

Our group has chosen Nemours hospital! The reason we have came to this conclusion is because they are very worthy to donate to. They care so much about the patients and getting them better. Plus, everyone in our group loves children:) Working with my group was easy! We all had so much in common and had a lot of fun. I expect the field trip to be a prefect end to this project. I know it will make me and others very happy.

Week 7

I interviewed my mom because I look up to her and I would like to learn about her past and how she feels on donating to different charities. Im glad I chose her because I learned a lot about her.

week 6

I really liked the class week 6 had to offer. It was really cool to hear from organizations themself. I learned a lot about how much effort, time, and money it takes to keep a jon profit organization going. The Give Kids the World representative even told us they have thousands of volunteers a day. I would have never guessed!! Hearing from all three representatives really made me want to volunteer and think about what I could do in the future to give back and volunteer. My group is doing really well with our fundraiser and choosing an organization. Cant wait till next week!