week 10

I have learned so much in the past ten weeks: how to read tax returns, how to raise money, leadership skills, collaborating skills, and much more. What I will take with me most importantly is my knowledge of what is most important in life. Even though I have been going through high school for the most part satisfied with my actions, I have realized there are many people out there who are in need of my service. I have learned that there are people who spend their lives working with non profit organizations and they truly are making a difference. This was an amazing opportunity and I am thankful for the new things I have learned, and the new possible future I can look forward to.

week 9

My three favorite things about mainstreet philanthropy… The first thing that came to mind was the joy we as students are able to feel from serving others. We are blessed to have that opportunity at school. Also, hearing from the organizations really made me want to be a part of something bigger like they are. Lastly, the things we learned left a huge impact on me. There are so many areas in need of our help thatn I was never aware of until this project.

I learned how to research and find out how non profit organizations soend their money, how to find and read tax returns, and how to be responsible for raising money. I would reccomend mainstreet philanthropy to someone by expressing to them how much this program helps peope in need, and helps the one serving personally.

week 8

My group has decided to donate to a place for grace because they are such an amazing organization. The man in charge is absolutely dedicated to changing the lives of the less fortunate. I love the group I was able to work with. We got along very well and never really had different opinions! We all had no problems choosing this organization! I expect that the field trip will be so great. It depresses me that I am unable to attend but I know that so many people will benefit from this!

Week 7

I really enjoyed the interview activity! I chose to interview my dad because he is the one I most admire in my life. We are so similar, so I love learning about his past and then comparing it to my life now.  It surprised me when he talked about money matters when he was a kid. He never had a job and money always came easily. I did not know that his parents getting divorced changed his life either, but when I asked that question that time in his life came to mind. I learned from the conversation that when he did start practicing charity he became happier.

week 6

Our group has successfully collected 100 dollars! Our fundraiser consisted of us contacting people and asking for donations. They were very willing to support the cause. The last lesson was my favorite by far. Listening to the presidents of Give Kids the World, A Place for Grace, and the finding shelters for the less fortunate really made me fall in love with this philanthropy project. The passion and love they had for their causes was amazing. I feel very happy that my group is donating to A Place for Grace. They are a very worthy cause and deserve it!!