Week 10

It’s been a really fun experience working with Main Street Philanthropy this whole experience is sadly over but I have learned so much through this whole process. I have learned many things through MSP like working in groups, reading tax returns, doing interviews, and knowing the difference between quantitative and qualitative analysis. Working in groups really helped me learn more about my group members than I did before, they are all really amazing people. I can honestly say that I probably would have never learned how to read tax returns if it weren’t for doing this program. This overall experience has helped me grow as a person and has helped me realize what is really important in life. What I will remember the most about MSP would probably be getting to deliver/ give the checks to the charities we chose, I loved seeing how much happiness we brought to the charities by donating. I know all of our donations will go to a good cause and will help out our community a lot. Everything that I have learned will stick with me forever, having the opportunity to give back to the community motivates me to continue to help out the community and make a change. The main thing I have learned from this was that if you have to chance to give back to others do it because not only will it make you feel better but it will help improve others lives. You could be that one person that changes someone else’s life, whether it’s a group of people or just one person a change can be made in your community. It’s been great having this experience with everyone!!!:)

Week 9: Isn’t Giving Fun?

Our group didn’t get the opportunity to deliver the check to our organization, but getting to see three of the groups deliver their checks was fun. Even though we didn’t deliver our check I truly got to still have the experience of brining joy to someone’s face. Going to A place for Grace was great we got a tour of the main building and their thrift store, Mr. Gilbert talked about everything they do and persuaded me personally in wanting to volunteer there. I really got to see how passionate he is about his organization, they do so many amazing things to help others. We also went to Nemours and got a tour of the hospital, it is such a great children’s hospital that is so technically advanced. We learned about the different rooms in the hospital and the purpose of them, we also learned about the technology and the purpose for them. Nemours helps out so many families and children everyday and it one of the best children’s hospitals in Florida. It was so different from others because they give children more freedom than other hospitals do, they make them feel safe and keep them entertained even though they are in the hospital. They help children stay occupied and stress free of their worries. The field trip to both places was such a great experience, seeing how much happiness was brought to the people when they received the checks is unexplainable, I will definitely always remember this and will help me become a better person. Working with MSP has changed me and has persuaded me to give back and help out the community more :).

Week 8

Our team decided on which organization was best for our investment by determining which person was the most passionate, and who had the most knowledge about their charity. We chose Give Kids Safe Shelter, Kristy seemed like she loved her job so much I would say she doesn’t even consider it a job because she enjoys it so much. We also decided to chose this charity because it was a small charity that we believed would benefit the most from our donations. My experience in working in a group environment has been really fun, I’ve gotten to know my team members better than I did before. It’s been great getting to know everyone in my team a little better, I found it easy to work in a group because we could easily agree on everything and we all get along with each other. For the next week I expect to have fun on our field trip and delivering the donations to some of the charities as a class. I’ve really enjoyed MSP and making a difference in others life’s :)!!!

Week 7

The second week of the board members panel discussion was focused on health. I got to learn some interesting things about Nemours, the American Heart Association, and the American Heart Society. I interviewed my cousin Rosie because I wanted to interview someone who was older than me. Something she said that surprised me was that technology was very different to how it is now, it wasn’t as advanced as it is now. I learned that she has volunteered at homeless shelters and has donated to foster homes. Interviewing her helped me learn things about her I never new, I’ve gotten to know her on a new level. She said that she thinks it’s really great that we are helping out our community and making a change in people’s lives. Something that stuck with me that she mentioned was that if you have the ability to give back to the less fortunate you should.

Week 6!!!

Week 6 was amazing!!! Having the non-profit panel helped me see how much each individual really cared and loved their organization. They were all so enthusiastic about their charity they gave us a real understanding of what their charity did and what their goals are for the charity. Their love for their charity was beyond it just being a job the enjoy helping others and bringing a smile to peoples faces just as I hope to do through MSP. The panel really encouraged us to volunteer , so that we could experience for ourselves how good it feels to help others. I learned that you can help out in other ways than just by giving the charity money like volunteering, donating clothes, etc. What I learned so far from the panel that will help decide how to distribute our funds is that maybe we should focus on a smaller charity because it could be easier to get a full grasp on the experience on giving and possibly being able to interact with those who are being helped through our funds. Our groups fundraising will start right after we return to school after spring break, I’m excited to start the fundraising and fund as much money as we possibly can.