Week 2

I learned that all my teammates are Christians and believe in God. Christina loves her family and fashion. she is very close to her brother who is in Virginia right now. Franchesca lives life through pictures, loves family, and likes monograms.

Week 1- Year 2

This is my second year being involved in this program and I forgot how hard the MAD cards were to pick out. I actually chose different cards this year but I don’t think it was strictly because of a change in my interests. Last year my group chose to support the veterans and I still feel wholeheartedly for them, but I ran into a lot of issues last year by receiving negative feedback from all of the people I contacted. I really do think it matters how people perceive their first impression of you, yet the first impression can also be a false one as the person may be just as nervous as you are. Okay, as for what I learned about myself is that my ideals have been intensified through the different programs I am involved in including Best Buddies. What I learned about others is that we are much more alike than what I had originally assumed and I think this year the program will bring us closer together.

Week 10

I have learned a lot from this experience. I learned how to donate to charities, talk to adults, and make a difference in my community. I’ve also learned that working with groups was a lot easier than being by myself. I’m glad we were able to donate to Nemours Children’s Hospital together. Participating in Main Street Philanthropy has made me want to make a difference in my community and be a better person. Because of this great program, I will donate to charities in the future.

I wouldn’t change a thing

Mainstreet philanthropy is such an incredible opportunity to participate in. It teaches you the true value of giving, and encourages growth as individuals for the rest of our lives. Giving away the checks changes you, something I truly will never forget. Nemours is an amazing organization, and I wouldn’t change a thing about the experience.

The Last Week!

Although I didnt get to go on the field trip, I really enjoyed learning more about charities and nonprofit organizations. I am thankful that I was able to fundraise so that my group could donate to nemours hospital. Last week when u found out that we recieved $400, I was so happy! To be have the oppurtunity to help them in some way is amazing. Since going through Main Street Philanthropy, I have learned more about the whole non-profit organization world and I actually think I might be interested in going into that when I am older. When the representatives talked about how their experiance it really inspired me. I am so happy that I had this experiance and that was able to impact others lives.