Main Street Philanthropy; Week Seven

As this program comes to a close, I sit and reflect on everything that I have learned. I now hold more knowledge than I ever thought. I not only learned about philanthropy and what it is, the different types of charities, how to see where the money that I am donating goes to, and just a little bit about myself, but I got to experience some life skills such as contacting businesses and real world skills. Although I have learned many things through Main Street Philanthropy, there is one moment that will always stand above the rest in my brain. That moment when you feel the satisfaction and relief of all your handwork throughout the program paying off. When you finally get to hand your check to your charity and you see the pure gratitude come across their face. That heart-warming feeling is when you really know that you are in some way making a difference in your community. You aren’t just some person living on this Earth, but you are a person that is making an impact.

I have always participated in a lot of community service events. Through high school I have done my fair share of community service hours, but only because it was required. By participating in Main Street Philanthropy, it has inspired me to become a more charitable person, not because I have to be, but because I want to be. I am defiantly more likely to give my time and resources to a charity in the future; and I will be able to do it wisely. Just like donating my time and resources makes an impact on the community, Main Street Philanthropy has made an impact on my life. The lessons I’ve learned will always stay with me, making me a more philanthropic person.

Is That Your FInal Answer?

My team and I decided that we would be most comfortable choosing an organization that actually meant something to us. We chose to give them all 600 of our dollars because we knew they would be so gracious and appreciative considering they don’t regularly get money this amount of money. It was relatively easy for us to choose what we wanted to do, from doing the card activity we already had so many of the same interests, so picking Habitat for Humanity came quick to our likings. I enjoyed working with them just because we all get along so well and it was easy to come to conclusions with one another about various decisions. In this next week I will be expecting to go on the feild trip to actually handout out the checks and I am so excited to get to meet the director of Habitat and just to see her reaction when she is handed all of the money. It should be a great week!

what’s Your favorite charity?

This week we did our interviews, I chose my mother. I chose my mother because every summer she put on a Asthma Camp through Florida hospital. The camp is 4 days and completely free, for 2 hours we go over tips to help young children with asthma notice any triggers or how to react when a asthma attack is coming on.  The next part is we take them on a field trip, places like Gatorland or a water park. After asking my mom the interview questions I was surprised to hear that if my mom could change anything in the world it would be that everything didn’t revolve around money. She would love to see a world where happiness kept the world spinning not money and business deals. After the conversation I realized that wherever I was going to donate the money to I wanted to volunteer at too.

My interview with a Vampire

Well…. Maybe not a vampire, more like my mom… But close enough. My assignment this week was to interview either a family member, a mentor or a friend. My mom is all three, so I found her perfect to interview. Through all the questions I ask, the answer I was most surprised to get was the experience that changed my mom’s life as a young person. She told me that at a early age, her best friend had passed away. When she told me that, she made me think of my best friend, and what would I do if she had suddenly passed away. Needless to say, it was a scary thought!! Yet the lesson she learned from that is Tomorrow isn’t promised so live your life the best way you can. Which I think was the overall message of my entire interview. My mom is a nurse, so her entire life is surrounded by helping people, and that’s the way she lives her life to the fullest. Our days on Earth are not certain, so you should spend your days trying to make a difference someway or another, and I think this Philanthropy project is a great first step. I hope someday you’ll find your great first step In making a difference.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

Happy Philanthropy!

Is that’s your final awnser?

This week we chose our charities, I chose Give Kids the World! Give kids the world was not only decent in the qualitative and quantitative analysis’ but they were something I really would like to be involved in. As a recap, we’ve been in groups this entire project and for my group it’s been a pleasant experience. We all respect each others opinions and decisions. The fact that we all didn’t pick the same charity was no problem at all. In this case we are all giving our money to wonderful charities so everyone wins and I think that’s why we have had any problems within the group. Next week were handing out the checks so I’m very excited to see all the charities.

Crunch Time

As my team sat down together and discussed the information that we’ve acquired over the past few weeks from Mr. Scott, it was quite noticeable that we all learned something crucial from this course. Yes, we’ve learned how to read 990s, and how to judge if a company is efficient or if they’re spending their money properly. We’ve learned about various service projects and nonprofits in our area that are making a difference. We’ve listed to what representatives have to say about their cause and why they’re involved. We’ve read numerous mission statements, and each other’s blogs. One thing that isn’t quite so obvious, and that isn’t exactly part of the material covered in our binders, is what we’ve learned from each other.

Since the first week, we were matched up in groups based upon our common interests. These varied from religion, which was my group’s soul mission, to art and culture, to healthcare. Although we might not all choose to donate to the same cause or nonprofit, we’ve grown off of each other’s developments in the program. Within my group, we’ve all decided to donate to different nonprofits, however, we’ve learned off of each other and why they chose the charity that they did! Payton, who chose Give Kids The World, explained that he wanted to donate to something that really made an impact, and GKTW does just that. They way he described it inspired me to want to do something great with my gift, something that’ll make a difference.

We all decided where we wanted to donate off of our individual desires. Payton gave to something that changed the lives of children, Brianne did as well, Olivia gave to a Christian food service that fed over 2000 people daily, and I to a cause specific to animals and service training. We all had the soul desire to do the Christian and just thing, however it was evident that that separated into many smaller categories.

I’m looking forward to seeing the reactions of the nonprofits. That’ll truly be worth the weeks of research, studying, blogging, and tough decisions of what we wanted to make a difference with. Our philanthropy project soon will turn into more than a project; it’ll be reality, a difference, a change in people’s lives, after all, we are doing what we’re doing simply because we love others, and this will become evident to our community, a catalyst in spreading this compassion to everyone around us.

Week 6

This has been one of the final weeks of the program and we have made our final decisions as to where we would like to donate our allotted money. By using the Make-A-Difference cards to find our area of interest, looking at charities from a quantitative perspective, and having a qualitative analysis we were able to choose just which charity we would like to donate to. Working in teams has helped by providing support and teammates that have similar interests. The team that I’m a part of, the Hearts of Hope, has decided to donate to different charities within our area our interest, but have worked together to complete an analysis for each. I am really excited to have the opportunity to distribute checks to local charities and see the effects that our work will have!

Week 6

My group and I are in a very unique situation. Although we are oriented around physical disabilities and mental illness, and we all do care quite deeply for this issue, we are divided among giving. I personally have veered away from the topic and given to a charity that has had my heart for three years and focuses on recycling and hygiene awareness. The others in my group have donated to such places like Give Kids the World and the American Heart Association. We are all in agreement that either though our group focus was different from what we chose to give to, there is still a heavy benefit for other noble charities.
One of the things that I love about my group is our willingness to be open and honest with each other. We never have much disagreement amongst each other, and we are each able to provide help or support for each other wherever needed.
Next week we are scheduled to distribute checks and I am truly ecstatic about that! I know that my charity is too far to visit on the field trip, but I am still looking forward greatly to the chance to see an impact on the faces of those we are donating to, because the face reveals an abundance of emotions and the greatest way to find out how much our donations will help charities is through the workforce directly.


I enjoyed working within a group simply because it allows us as all newcomers to the program to pool our collective understanding of tasks and work together to make it easier. It has been a breeze, mainly since my group at least is made up of individuals who I fondly describe as ‘doers’. The problem being that we are all doers so there isnt much discussion, we just latch on to the first idea that we can force into reality.

The lack of discussion led us to looking into charities that we weren’t really interested in and, at the last minute, changing to charities that had representatives come in and talk to us. Half went to give kids the world and half went to habitat for humanity. Since we all have our personal amounts to donate their is no friction to be had on disagreements, especially since both causes are so worthy and appreciative of the help.

Lets ask the questions!

This week in the program I had the great opportunity to interview my Grandmother with the list of questions that were given to us by Mr. Farnsworth. It was a fantastic learning tool for me to ask questions that gave me answers on how to become a better philanthropist and community server. I decided to interview my Grandmother, because I knew she would have a very experienced and wise outlook on this topic. In the interview I learned that my Grandmother’s parents had to give her a bit of a reality check when she was a young girl. She told me that her parents had to give the law enforcement a call to help the process of knowing the real world. My Grandmother was a little embarrassed or shameful about this but I was glad she told me, because it provided me with information on how such a great person came to be. I did not expect a story like this to be the outcome of this interview, but I believe that we all have to experience a complete wake up call at least once in a life, if not more. My Grandmother also gave me a very true problem that as citizens of the world, we need to fix. This issue is an obvious one but is never able to be evaporated. In this world today, there are many people or groups of citizens that are simply having a war, because of differences in religion. As citizens, we have the right to have our opinion on religion, but as human beings we are going to have disagreements. What is hard for me to understand is, why can not the world just accept this? I say “accept it for what it is”, but this world is unfortunately corrupt by selfish, uncaring, and disregarding individuals which is tremendously upsetting for me. Although my Grandmother did shine a light on the issue, by giving the idea that young people need to reach their communties by serving them and doing charitable work. When asked about how completing this work made my Grandmother she said “it makes your heart feel good”. This testimony by my Grandmother inspires me to do the most of this work that is possible so that not only can my community benefit from it but so can I.