What I’ve Learned

As this program is coming to an end, I get the opportunity to reflect on all I’ve learned, which is a lot! I’ve grown with my peers, getting a glimpse at their hearts, noticing what all they love, their passions, and their desires. I’ve learned about my community, and I’ve gotten to see the impact that nonprofits have on our community. I’ve been able to experience the warmth that comes with giving, which is what changed me the most.

Giving provides yourself with an overwhelming mix of emotions. It’s a combination of happiness, pride, but mostly of love. You see firsthand what you are helping, whether it’s people, animals, or the environment. You’re changing the world, maybe not drastically, but you are making a difference. Mainstreet Philanthropy has given me the chance to experience this feeling. It’s definitely nothing I’ll forget. I’ll forever look for ways to give back, ways to contribute, to change the lives of others. After seeing my impact on those around me, it’s definitely something that interests me in doing more of. Who wouldn’t want to make more people smile, more people be comforted, more people feel loved?

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