Crunch Time

As my team sat down together and discussed the information that we’ve acquired over the past few weeks from Mr. Scott, it was quite noticeable that we all learned something crucial from this course. Yes, we’ve learned how to read 990s, and how to judge if a company is efficient or if they’re spending their money properly. We’ve learned about various service projects and nonprofits in our area that are making a difference. We’ve listed to what representatives have to say about their cause and why they’re involved. We’ve read numerous mission statements, and each other’s blogs. One thing that isn’t quite so obvious, and that isn’t exactly part of the material covered in our binders, is what we’ve learned from each other.

Since the first week, we were matched up in groups based upon our common interests. These varied from religion, which was my group’s soul mission, to art and culture, to healthcare. Although we might not all choose to donate to the same cause or nonprofit, we’ve grown off of each other’s developments in the program. Within my group, we’ve all decided to donate to different nonprofits, however, we’ve learned off of each other and why they chose the charity that they did! Payton, who chose Give Kids The World, explained that he wanted to donate to something that really made an impact, and GKTW does just that. They way he described it inspired me to want to do something great with my gift, something that’ll make a difference.

We all decided where we wanted to donate off of our individual desires. Payton gave to something that changed the lives of children, Brianne did as well, Olivia gave to a Christian food service that fed over 2000 people daily, and I to a cause specific to animals and service training. We all had the soul desire to do the Christian and just thing, however it was evident that that separated into many smaller categories.

I’m looking forward to seeing the reactions of the nonprofits. That’ll truly be worth the weeks of research, studying, blogging, and tough decisions of what we wanted to make a difference with. Our philanthropy project soon will turn into more than a project; it’ll be reality, a difference, a change in people’s lives, after all, we are doing what we’re doing simply because we love others, and this will become evident to our community, a catalyst in spreading this compassion to everyone around us.

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