Main Street Philanthropy; Week Seven

As this program comes to a close, I sit and reflect on everything that I have learned. I now hold more knowledge than I ever thought. I not only learned about philanthropy and what it is, the different types of charities, how to see where the money that I am donating goes to, and just a little bit about myself, but I got to experience some life skills such as contacting businesses and real world skills. Although I have learned many things through Main Street Philanthropy, there is one moment that will always stand above the rest in my brain. That moment when you feel the satisfaction and relief of all your handwork throughout the program paying off. When you finally get to hand your check to your charity and you see the pure gratitude come across their face. That heart-warming feeling is when you really know that you are in some way making a difference in your community. You aren’t just some person living on this Earth, but you are a person that is making an impact.

I have always participated in a lot of community service events. Through high school I have done my fair share of community service hours, but only because it was required. By participating in Main Street Philanthropy, it has inspired me to become a more charitable person, not because I have to be, but because I want to be. I am defiantly more likely to give my time and resources to a charity in the future; and I will be able to do it wisely. Just like donating my time and resources makes an impact on the community, Main Street Philanthropy has made an impact on my life. The lessons I’ve learned will always stay with me, making me a more philanthropic person.

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