Main Street Philanthropy; Week Six

My group helped my choose my organization by asking me questions, making sure it was something I was truly inspired and interested in. Also, we had to make sure it fell under the criteria of our team motto and goals.
Working with a group, rather than on my own, helped a lot in the long run. I always had someone to keep me in check and make sure our goals, views, and mottos matched up with the organizations we were considering. I was also able to be there to do that for someone else. I think that working in groups pushed us to be better, because we were not only help accountable to ourselves but to other people as well. I didn’t want to let my group down and they didn’t want to let me down. We talked to disagreements, and worked them out, finding a common answer that is doable for the entire group. We took each other irrational ideas and made them rational and put them into action. Working as a team is much stronger than working individually.
Next week should be great. We finally get to see all our hard work paying off put into action. Although the program is coming to an end, it is sad to see it go, but it is very rewarding to know that we have accomplished something great in our community.

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