Week 7

Tears do not do the body nearly enough justice. Even though this is the most powerful form of emotion expressed by humans, sometimes there is just more to it than that. Now I am not really a crier but let me just say that distributing the money to the different charities was without a doubt the greatest feeling ever. Giving has never felt as good as it did when we gave to those in desperate need. I could tell by the reactions of those receiving the donations that this money was destined for good things even before we had decided where to give it. We owe a tremendous thanks to our sponsor Mr. Ed Vernon for his unmatchable generosity and outstanding trustworthiness for a group of crazy kids in way over their heads.
I personally cannot wait until Friday though, where I will finally be able to hand over my check to the Clean the World Foundation, my favorite charity in the world. I have had an excellent relationship with the staff and volunteers at this organization for three solid years now and even though I will be off to college in just a few months, I know that there will always be a place for me to help them. It makes me truly glad to see how the efforts of teenagers, normally regarded as distracted and selfish, are making a huge difference in the world of charitable giving. The lessons I have learned here at Main Street Philanthropy are invaluable to me and I cannot express the amount of emotion I have invested into this program and into giving. I would certainly recommend this program to anyone and everyone and I am humbled to have taken part in its pilot program.

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