Picking and Choosing!

After listening and researching all of the charities we had in mind, I , myself decide to donate to Give Kids the World. Though our group did all of our research together, we each decided to donate to different organizations. We all had different interests and different passions. Working in groups has been an interesting experience. I got to learn a lot about what drives each of our team members. I found it moderately easy working with my group. We all had the same goal of making a difference, doesn’t matter what charity we ended up donating to. Luckily we didn’t have much disagreements. It was pretty obvious to all of us that if we obtained a charity with a good 990 form and if it is something that we truly cared about, any of us are welcomed to donate to it. Overall, this was such an amazing experience. And I hope everybody can have a chance to be apart of such life changing experience.

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