Not Quite the End of Philanthropy Street

Well, we are finally wrapping up our Philanthropy project. These past 7 weeks have been such a learning experience. I went from not knowing the word Philanthropy existed, to becoming a great part of it. Through this entire experience, I think the thing I’ll remember most was when we saw all the charities come and tell our class about their organization, and have them answer our questions. I hear about these organizations all the time, but its so different actually seeing the people who committed their lives to these organization and hear about it from their point of view. After this entire experience I think I’ll save a part of my life to giving back. I’m already a volunteer angel at Give Kids The World, but I have to admit, I haven’t been going as much as I should, and I really want to, but with school it gets a bit hectic. But without out a doubt, I will be going a lot more often over the summer. I beyond excited to continue this program again next year! 😀
Happy Philanthropy!
~Tatiana Edouard

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