Launching it up!

So, Friday we all brought in a brown paper bag, with three items that were meaningful to us or described us. We were supposed to share our items with our group, but since 2 members were absent, I was paired with only one other person, Mikala. It got a little weird, because her items were all very meaningful and sentimental, and mine were….. well, not. I brought in a name tage from a Thespian Festival, a picture of my dog (who was completely adorable by the way) and a concert ticket. I had to laugh of how simple my object were and how deep and meaningful hers were. But at least i tried. But i’m very excited for this week, because now we are finally calling the charities of our choice and actsualy telling them about our Philanthropy process. I’m also really excited because we get to call in and find out of we could possibly volunteer at the charity. The charity subject i chose was Mental and Physical disabilities. Which is awesome for me because i really want to be a clinical Pychologist in the future, so i think actsualy getting to experience that will let me know for sure what i’m getting myself into. I hope the whole contacting process will be fairly easy. I’ve had the experience of reapeatedly calling businesses who turn me down each time, but i think since i’m calling to actsualy benefit them, it will be a totally different experience… Hopefully! We also had to write a vision statement to pretty much secure our goal of what we want to get done through our philanthropy. Our group’s vision statement was “I envision out team giving financial support to help others who have physical or mental disabilities overdone their illness and press forward.” I’m glad we were able to write it down, because now it seems more real and I’m more determined.
“Be the change you want to see in the world.”


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