Week 6

My group and I are in a very unique situation. Although we are oriented around physical disabilities and mental illness, and we all do care quite deeply for this issue, we are divided among giving. I personally have veered away from the topic and given to a charity that has had my heart for three years and focuses on recycling and hygiene awareness. The others in my group have donated to such places like Give Kids the World and the American Heart Association. We are all in agreement that either though our group focus was different from what we chose to give to, there is still a heavy benefit for other noble charities.
One of the things that I love about my group is our willingness to be open and honest with each other. We never have much disagreement amongst each other, and we are each able to provide help or support for each other wherever needed.
Next week we are scheduled to distribute checks and I am truly ecstatic about that! I know that my charity is too far to visit on the field trip, but I am still looking forward greatly to the chance to see an impact on the faces of those we are donating to, because the face reveals an abundance of emotions and the greatest way to find out how much our donations will help charities is through the workforce directly.

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