Whos Got Team Spirit?

This past friday, we were put into groups of two to five group members. As we got all the desks moved around into groups, we each brought in our paper bags filled with items of our choice that we thought would represent ourselves best. I chose to bring in a pin of myself in my volleybal uniform with a volleyball in my hand, i also brought in a tag that is attatched to my volleyball bag that says “16 Molten” on it, which is the second best team that you can make at my volleyball club. It was a huge accomplishment for me to make and i was just very proud of that tag. The last thing I chose to bring with me was my familys’ Christmas picture, I cherish them so much and i dont know what i would do without their love and support!

When my group and I were creating the Purpose, Vision, and Mission Statement I felt like we were really getting in depth with getting involved with cancer centers. I will say that it was a challenge, but i felt like we definatly benefited from this particular activity. By going and reaching out to organizations i think it will be a great way to find out much needed information! It will also help our communication skills with important adults!

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