Who’s Got Team Spirit?

Week 2:
This week our instructor, Scott, instructed us to pull out our brown paper bags. Although, I had planned to put a picture of a nurse hat and a microphone, plans changed. At the last minute I decided to switch those out for a friendship bracelet and a nickel. I changed because I decided this philanthropy project was going to impact my life so I used the nickel to symbolize this project. The friendship bracelet was to show that I believe friendship is very important. When we were divided into groups, I learned my fellow group members were creative and friendship was also a necessary aspect to their lives as well. Who knew?
Despite my expectation, creating a mission statement and team name was a lot more difficult than I percieved.When decided our team name would be Family Force Four! We came up with the name because there is four of us and we want to make a difference in families lives. Our mission statement: Our team’s purpose is to serve our community by: supporting families.
Our assignment this week is to reach out to possible charities that we have in mind for helping. I expect to have to explain the project because it’s something unheard of. As well as possibly getting some surprised reactions.It should be an enlighting experience!

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