Lets ask the questions!

This week in the program I had the great opportunity to interview my Grandmother with the list of questions that were given to us by Mr. Farnsworth. It was a fantastic learning tool for me to ask questions that gave me answers on how to become a better philanthropist and community server. I decided to interview my Grandmother, because I knew she would have a very experienced and wise outlook on this topic. In the interview I learned that my Grandmother’s parents had to give her a bit of a reality check when she was a young girl. She told me that her parents had to give the law enforcement a call to help the process of knowing the real world. My Grandmother was a little embarrassed or shameful about this but I was glad she told me, because it provided me with information on how such a great person came to be. I did not expect a story like this to be the outcome of this interview, but I believe that we all have to experience a complete wake up call at least once in a life, if not more. My Grandmother also gave me a very true problem that as citizens of the world, we need to fix. This issue is an obvious one but is never able to be evaporated. In this world today, there are many people or groups of citizens that are simply having a war, because of differences in religion. As citizens, we have the right to have our opinion on religion, but as human beings we are going to have disagreements. What is hard for me to understand is, why can not the world just accept this? I say “accept it for what it is”, but this world is unfortunately corrupt by selfish, uncaring, and disregarding individuals which is tremendously upsetting for me. Although my Grandmother did shine a light on the issue, by giving the idea that young people need to reach their communties by serving them and doing charitable work. When asked about how completing this work made my Grandmother she said “it makes your heart feel good”. This testimony by my Grandmother inspires me to do the most of this work that is possible so that not only can my community benefit from it but so can I.

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