Picking and Choosing!

After listening and researching all of the charities we had in mind, I , myself decide to donate to Give Kids the World. Though our group did all of our research together, we each decided to donate to different organizations. We all had different interests and different passions. Working in groups has been an interesting experience. I got to learn a lot about what drives each of our team members. I found it moderately easy working with my group. We all had the same goal of making a difference, doesn’t matter what charity we ended up donating to. Luckily we didn’t have much disagreements. It was pretty obvious to all of us that if we obtained a charity with a good 990 form and if it is something that we truly cared about, any of us are welcomed to donate to it. Overall, this was such an amazing experience. And I hope everybody can have a chance to be apart of such life changing experience.

Not Quite the End of Philanthropy Street

Well, we are finally wrapping up our Philanthropy project. These past 7 weeks have been such a learning experience. I went from not knowing the word Philanthropy existed, to becoming a great part of it. Through this entire experience, I think the thing I’ll remember most was when we saw all the charities come and tell our class about their organization, and have them answer our questions. I hear about these organizations all the time, but its so different actually seeing the people who committed their lives to these organization and hear about it from their point of view. After this entire experience I think I’ll save a part of my life to giving back. I’m already a volunteer angel at Give Kids The World, but I have to admit, I haven’t been going as much as I should, and I really want to, but with school it gets a bit hectic. But without out a doubt, I will be going a lot more often over the summer. I beyond excited to continue this program again next year! šŸ˜€
Happy Philanthropy!
~Tatiana Edouard

My interview with a Vampire

Well…. Maybe not a vampire, more like my mom… But close enough. My assignment this week was to interview either a family member, a mentor or a friend. My mom is all three, so I found her perfect to interview. Through all the questions I ask, the answer I was most surprised to get was the experience that changed my mom’s life as a young person. She told me that at a early age, her best friend had passed away. When she told me that, she made me think of my best friend, and what would I do if she had suddenly passed away. Needless to say, it was a scary thought!! Yet the lesson she learned from that is Tomorrow isn’t promised so live your life the best way you can. Which I think was the overall message of my entire interview. My mom is a nurse, so her entire life is surrounded by helping people, and that’s the way she lives her life to the fullest. Our days on Earth are not certain, so you should spend your days trying to make a difference someway or another, and I think this Philanthropy project is a great first step. I hope someday you’ll find your great first step In making a difference.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

Happy Philanthropy!

The Nitty Gritty!

It is now week 4 and I’m really relieved because my organization that I had contacted, Habitat for Humanity Osceola came in last Friday. She was such a good sport considering the entire class grilled her with all of our questions for a good 30 minutes. During the interview I wrote down a few notes worth writing. Habitat for Humanity is a non Profit organization that provides houses for people in need. She was completely honest when given the question “If there was one thing you would change about your organization, what would it be?” In which she answered that she would love for the Osceola County entity to be more public and known. After the interview, I realized this is probably the organization I’m going to donate my $200.00 to. Aside from that, this week I learned that there are two important aspects needed to evaluate an investment in a company: the quantitative and qualitative aspects. Out of the two, I think quantitative is easier to evaluate. With this, it’s straight numbers. It’s either you have good numbers or not. With the qualitative, it’s much more vague, and can be interpreted in many ways, and a lot of things can be hidden. Welp, I guess that’s it! Happy Philanthropy šŸ˜€
Peace and love,

Getting Down to Business

Okay, so I’m super excited because after many phone calls, and no response I finally got a call back from Habitat For Humanity. When they finally contacted meĀ I was really nervous for the fact that I didn’t have my call script in front of me, but becauseĀ I am undoubtedly cool (duh!), i kept calm and i surprisingly remembered a lot about the information of Mainstreet Philanthropy, and fortunately Habitat For Humanity agreed to come in Friday! But through all this week I’ve finally come to realize how much goes into actually donating to a charity. You have to do SO much research!! But after looking at their Form 990 for Habitat for Humanity, I’ve realized that i picked a near perfect charity. They scored an almost perfect score in the charity’s bsuiness history šŸ™‚ Thank God, because it would’ve been a lot of more extra work!Ā  It’s really important to look at numbers because a charity may come across as well, but if you look at their financial history, you may discover some unpleasant numbers. Before Main Street Philanthropy, i did not have the slightest idea that there is a such thing as “bad” charities. I always thought all charitiesĀ were perfect and good with their business. It’s really important to always look at yourĀ cause’s history, to make sure your money will not be wasted, and that it’s actsually going towards what you expected.
Happy Philanthropy!

Charity and Love,
TatianaLee Edouard

Launching it up!

So, Friday we all brought in a brown paper bag, with three items that were meaningful to us or described us. We were supposed to share our items with our group, but since 2 members were absent, I was paired with only one other person, Mikala. It got a little weird, because her items were all very meaningful and sentimental, and mine were….. well, not. I brought in a name tage from a Thespian Festival, a picture of my dog (who was completely adorable by the way) and a concert ticket. I had to laugh of how simple my object were and how deep and meaningful hers were. But at least i tried. But i’m very excited for this week, because now we are finally calling the charities of our choice and actsualy telling them about our Philanthropy process. I’m also really excited because we get to call in and find out of we could possibly volunteer at the charity. The charity subject i chose was Mental and Physical disabilities. Which is awesome for me because i really want to be a clinical Pychologist in the future, so i think actsualy getting to experience that will let me know for sure what i’m getting myself into. I hope the whole contacting process will be fairly easy. I’ve had the experience of reapeatedly calling businesses who turn me down each time, but i think since i’m calling to actsualy benefit them, it will be a totally different experience… Hopefully! We also had to write a vision statement to pretty much secure our goal of what we want to get done through our philanthropy. Our group’s vision statement was “I envision out team giving financial support to help others who have physical or mental disabilities overdone their illness and press forward.” I’m glad we were able to write it down, because now it seems more real and I’m more determined.
“Be the change you want to see in the world.”


MAD first entry :D :D :D :D

Through using the MAD cards I’ve realized the subjects that i’m very passionate in, and subjects that i don’t necessarily have an interest in or know too much about. For my three picks, i’ve chosen Mental and Physical Illness, Animals, and Children Hospital, but i’m actually considering changing one of them to Arts and Culture because that was a hard one I had to eliminate. Also through this process, I’ve learned that people pick the charities they are interested in based off of their hobbies, including me. Such as if certain person is in band or in chorus, they are more interested in being charitable towards Arts and Culture, which brings me back to eliminating certain charities that you don’t know too much about.

I hope to gain a sense of selflessness and to learn more of how i could give back to people who need more than I do. I’ve also realized through this experience that I don’t know too much about the financial side of things, such as doing taxes and what-not….. like NOTHING! So I also hope i learn a thing or two about something about money! Hopefully, as cheezy as this sounds, i become a better person. Sometimes i feel a bit selfish in certain aspects of my life so i hope i can make a change.

Peace and Hugs,
Tatiana LeeĀ Edouard