An Unexpected Organization………With Tons of Information

Setting the scene: A wide-eyed Student Government teacher walks into the room with a excited air about him. The Teacher, by whom I call Mr. Hansen, exclaims to our class that we are about to partake in an incomparable charitable journey. The class as a whole says nothing, but stares directly at him… awaiting more information on this ‘philanthropic masterpiece of a program’ that he seems so eager to begin. Expecting to hear the mundane community service ploy, there isn’t an awful lot of excitement. Community outreach is Student Council’s metaphoric middle name, we’re used to it  and we’re good at it. However, instead of going on to glorify a dull project that we’d happily participate in to serve those in need… Hansen explained a new concept.

Mr. Hansen introduced the class to Main Street Philanthropy.
           The basis of this organization is that generous donors give money to students for charitable donations. The students through this experience learn to donate with knowledge and come across more charities in their local area. Our class was to be the pilot of this program, let the pressure ensue.
           The class as a whole was in awe(which doesn’t happen often because OBVIOUSLY teenagers know everything about everything), it was such a new, fresh, and modern way to participate in philanthropic activity. Instead of just being bystanders without the means to be active in donation…we, as high-schoolers had the ability to affect the progress of a group of our choosing.