I am going to remember

This program has taught me a lot about quantitative and qualitative analyst, how to look at a 990 and what it really feels like to give to others. But over all I think I am going to remember how much this program actually touched my heart. Many people think that giving money to a charity is all about the amount of money and just handing over a check when it is really a lot more than that. Seeing the looks on the organizations faces and the tears that same to their faces just gave me a warm feeling that I would like to have for the rest of my life. I think after all the research and things we have done I will donate to places as I go on and grow up. I am actually thinking about helping Habitat this summer in building a house or just repairing some houses. Also, going to Give Kids The World and volunteering would be something I would like to do.

Is that your final answer?

This week we had to make the final decision. My group thought we should donate to an organization that was somewhat small and helps our own community. We decided to donate our money to Habitat For Humanity because we all knew that our donation would be used in all the right ways. I think they will be very thankful for the amount of money we are giving them because they don’t always have people who are kind enough to give up money for others. I enjoyed working with every single on of my gripe members because we all had the same likings and it was very easy to make up our minds and come to an agreement on what we wanted to do.
I cannot wait to go on our field trip and personally hand over the check to the director of Habitat. I’m sure she will be very appreciative and thankful for everything our group is doing.

Whats your favorite charity.

This week Mr. Scott gave us all an assignment to interview a parent or mentor. I choose to interview my grandmother because times have defiantly changed from when she was a teenager to now. A lot of the questions she answered surprised me. I was very shocked when she started talking about things that were popular then, things that people would do/say and how people used to act. I asked her question 8 on the interview sheet “If you could fix one serious problem in the world today, what would it be? Explain why it is important to you.” She replied by telling me the way this society seems to bully others and judge a book by its cover and she wishes people wouldn’t do that type of thing/ She told me that these things were important to her because she knew how her children got bullied and realized that things have gotten a lot worse. She also hates how she turns on the news and hears about some little kid that has killed his or her self due to bulling. It makes her very upset and touches her heart in many ways.
I learned that even though you don’t think before you talk, the words you say can effect not only the person that you are bullying but other people as well.

Whats Beyond The Numbers?

There are many things that come together in the decision we are about to make. We not only have to look at the numbers of the company but the small things like how many employees they have, how many people volunteer? Who is in charge of the company? We also looked at exactly how the money people donate helps the community. I always thought that if many people were volunteering the company had to be great, but going farther than that and looking at the 990 can prove other wise. I see value in both of these methods.
I think this process was both easy and a little challenging because asking to many questions might bother them. I feel like the more and more I call the more aggravated they might get. The questions might be a little difficult to answer but will also prepare them for the next person that might ask the same question.
My organization that I picked was the American Cancer Society, I have called numbers of times, left emails and voicemails and never seem to get anything back. When the Habitat for humanity came in the class room and answered some of the questions we asked and told us a little about the group it seemed to sway my decision a lot. I am thinking highly about changing the organization that I want to donate too.

Does it all add up?

Last week our group called many organizations that we thought might be a good one to donate too. After talking to several people, getting information about the charity and telling them about MainStreetPhil the group decided to pick one of the biggest Cancer Research facilities there is. “American Cancer Society.” One of my group members, Chaney, got on the phone with this organization; explained everything she knew about MSP and they seemed like were very happy and excited to work with us. We are still waiting on a phone call or email back to set up a time and day an organization member can come into our class room and explain to other classmates where the money we are giving goes and how much their organization helps cancer research.

Last Friday Mr.Scott came into our classroom and informed us on an organizations 990. He explained what they are used for, what type of information is on the paper work, he showed us how to calculate the numbers and find out of it is a stable or unstable organization to download too and also how to find them on the Internet. When our group looked for the American Cancer Society’s 990 it was 59 pages long!!! So many numbers and so much information to take in. Good thing the first few pages have us exactly what we needed and we didn’t have to look far. Our group needed to find, program expense, management expense, fundraising expense and the total liquid expense. I think it’s important to look up an organizations 990 because you need to find out where the money you are looking to donate goes, how much goes where and if this program is a scam or reliable. When we added up all the numbers they looked like a very well rounded organization to donate money too! I was excited and ready to move forward.

MAD card small groups

Friday Febuary 22, 2013 we got into small groups based on the MAD card activity. We each had a assigntment to bring in a brown paper bag full of 3 things we thought best repersented who we are. I brought in a picture of my family, showing that family means the most to me and I would do anything for them, my favorite book because i like to read and I have an open mind, and glasses in the shape of a heart because I have a loving personalitly. This activity showed me that my group memebers held things the same meaning of things and we could all make a change somewhere.

When my group was creating our Purpose, Vision and Mission Statement I felt like we had a little diffuculty chosing what type of organization we wanted to help out. In the end we started to lean towards Cancer Research, once we made that decision we started to get really involved in our choice. The activity was a little diffuclt but  think at the end of the day it benifited us alot. I think reaching out to our organization will be a good way to experance communication skills and also getting us more involved with the way our organization runs things.

Main Street Philanthropy Program!

My experience using the MAD (Make A Difference) cards was very interesting. It showed that I was interested in dealing with children, family and medical care. I learned that other people around me using the same cards liked different things as well as some liking the same. It made me realize that people can share common interest in helping not only people but the community.
I hope to gain/learn community awareness and Financial Literacy. I hope I can Inspire others to do this program as well and to get involved with the community. I am really looking forward to setting a good example and helping many people out.