a big place in my heart

This program has such a big place in my heart. I am so thankful for this oppurtunity that we, as a class, have been given. Mr. Scott has changed my views on non-profit organizations, how to choose a good one and things you have to do to be able to donate to an organization. This experience will be one I will cherish forever. Because of this, I am now more open to donating to people and places in need, and I do plan on continuing to give to them in my lifetime. It has been just an awesome experience and I would do it all over again if I could!

Is That Your FInal Answer?

My team and I decided that we would be most comfortable choosing an organization that actually meant something to us. We chose to give them all 600 of our dollars because we knew they would be so gracious and appreciative considering they don’t regularly get money this amount of money. It was relatively easy for us to choose what we wanted to do, from doing the card activity we already had so many of the same interests, so picking Habitat for Humanity came quick to our likings. I enjoyed working with them just because we all get along so well and it was easy to come to conclusions with one another about various decisions. In this next week I will be expecting to go on the feild trip to actually handout out the checks and I am so excited to get to meet the director of Habitat and just to see her reaction when she is handed all of the money. It should be a great week!


The first person i thought of when we were told we had to interview someone was my mom. For the most part, i go to her for anything i would ever need to know. I felt like she would have great feedback, and she did. I asked her how society has changed since she was a child, referring to non-profit organizations, to today’s world. She said she never knew of anyone who was just willing to give up their time and money to a bunch of high school kids. I mean really, we are very lucky to get this opportunity! She grinned so big with pure delight when i told her that Mr. Farnsworth was giving us the time of day to look up a charity of our choice and generously donate to them. When i asked her, “what are some secrets to a joyful and fullfilling life”, she just looked at me and said, “find happiness within yourself and then give the world everything you’ve got.”

looking at an organization

I have learned that looking at an organizations 990 form it will give you all the information that you would need to know when picking a charity that suits your interests. But there is more than just numbers when you’re trying to find the all around BEST charity. Questions like, “what service will this organization provide?”, “What percentage of volunteers contribute financially “, the ratio between the paid staff, and the volunteers, and also a very important question to ask would be,”Where do you see this organization in five years?”. Both of these methods have a tremendous importance when thinking about investing into a company. It is more difficult to find these details ive listed above when you choose a bigger organization  For instance, my group and I chose the American Cancer Society, which is one of the biggest non-profit organizations you can find today, and it hasn’t been all that easy getting in touch with them just because they have so much they have to handle. So, what i am getting from this is that we should probably pick a local organization so that we can actually see how much they appreciate any donations at all, it should be a place that strictly gives all of their money to the cause and nothing else, rather than an organization who will spend money on advertisements, paying a huge staff, and unimportant things.

Does it all Add Up?

This week we were required to call up organizations to find out there information so that they could come to our school and talk to the class about their program. My group and I chose a foundation called the American Cancer Society, little did we know that is was one of the biggest organizations supporting cancer today. The person that i spoke on the phone with was very helpful and said that she would direct me to the volunteer coordinator. Last friday we talked about organizations 990 information and we filled out a worksheet that told us if they were a fairly stable program or an unstable program. Then on our own we had to look up The American Cancer Society 990, which was a whopping FIFTY-FOUR pages long… good thing we only had to use the first few pages to find the program expense, manegment expense, fundraising expense and the total liquid expense. It is so important to look at a programs 990 to know that it isnt a scam, and that the money really is going to a good reasonable cause! when i looked at my programs tax return the numbers were very promissing!

Whos Got Team Spirit?

This past friday, we were put into groups of two to five group members. As we got all the desks moved around into groups, we each brought in our paper bags filled with items of our choice that we thought would represent ourselves best. I chose to bring in a pin of myself in my volleybal uniform with a volleyball in my hand, i also brought in a tag that is attatched to my volleyball bag that says “16 Molten” on it, which is the second best team that you can make at my volleyball club. It was a huge accomplishment for me to make and i was just very proud of that tag. The last thing I chose to bring with me was my familys’ Christmas picture, I cherish them so much and i dont know what i would do without their love and support!

When my group and I were creating the Purpose, Vision, and Mission Statement I felt like we were really getting in depth with getting involved with cancer centers. I will say that it was a challenge, but i felt like we definatly benefited from this particular activity. By going and reaching out to organizations i think it will be a great way to find out much needed information! It will also help our communication skills with important adults!

First philanthropy activity

During the MAD activity I learned that i value public health, education and social justice and civil rights.My partner valued basically the same things, i believe the aspects in life that we chose were the most important because without all of those jobs the world would be a mess. I hope that from participating in this program i will become a better person, and just be satisfied with the accomplishments that are in store for me.