Philanthropy Week 4

This week I learned many more things about evaluating charities and organizations in general. We learned about how to evaluate a charity using a qualitative and quantitative analysis. A qualitative analysis is when you look at what a charity does with their time. For example, you could look at what kind of projects they have done in the past year and how much of an impact that they have had in the community. A quantitative analysis, on the other hand, is looking at how the charity is doing financially. To do a correct quantitative analysis you must look at the numbers. For example, how much money the company pays to their employees, and how much of it actually gets to the cause. Personally, I prefer the qualitative analysis because it really gives me a look at what the charity does and how much of an impact it actually has. Looking at strictly numbers can be misleading I feel.
I am slowly finding out that looking at charities very closely is a little harder than expected. There is much to look for in a charity and it takes a great deal of time to find out all the facts needed to determine if the charity is actually making an influence or not. But, that being said, everything is very rewarding in the end, because of the impact that we are having in the community. I am very excited because that time is coming closer and closer.
That being said, personally it has been especially hard in choosing an appropriate charity to donate to. I had originally talked to the Orlando Health Foundation and looked closely at their records. Another member of our group had been looking at a charity called called Give Kids the World. Upon closer look, I realized that donating to Give Kids the World would have much more of an impact than donating to a very large and profitable charity like Orlando Health. So, in conclusion, I feel like giving to Give Kids the World is the appropriate measure. I’ll talk more next week about how the analysis is going and give new updates. Until then…

Jackson Tarpley

Philanthropy Week 5

Unfortunately, last week I was very ill, so it was hard to participate in the week four activities. But I’m back! And ready for week 5. I’m continuing to gather information on my charity, Give Kids the world and I’m staying in close contact with them to make sure that the donation process can go very smoothly. I have talked to the man involved and talked to him about when and where we can potentially meet. Now that I’m back I’m looking forward to what is to come and the next steps of the process.


Week 3: Finance

This week we were assigned to look up our charities tax return and see just how productive they are and how much they make a difference. A representative from the Orlando Health Foundation was able to email me their Form 990, and I was able to look it over. From what I saw it was easy to see that this organization is really making a difference for Central Florida. They are very productive with their money and use it for good purpose.
It is very important to look at these kinds of things before donations to a cause because you need to know if the organization is using their money correctly or if all the money is going to their leader Ana directors, and if your donations will in fact make a difference. Luckily, when I looked at my charities tax return, I was able to discover that my money will actually be going to a very good cause.
I’m very excited about donating and moving forward in this great process.

Until next week,

Mainstreet Philanthropy: Week 2

This week was very exciting and educational to me, as I learned a lot of new things about myself and my fellow group members. First off, while doing the bag activity, it surprisingly took me a good time to narrow down my choices of what things I should put in it. In the end, I finally put in an SD card and a volunteer form. These are two weird choices, but I’ll explain them. First off, SD cards are what you put in devices like cameras so they can store video on them. Filmmaking is a big part of my life, and I enjoy it very much, and just like a SD card is crucial for most cameras to work, filmmaking is crucial to me. I also put a volunteer form in the bag as well because I do a lot of volunteer work, and I enjoy it very much, whether it’s announcing a basketball or football game, or working with mentally disabled kids, volunteering is a very large part of my life. The paper bag activity really helped me realize what core values are very important to me.
Coming up with my groups values and mission statement was exciting as well. My fellow group members and I decided to call ourselves the “Bandage Bandits”. Its a rather creative name, but you may wonder why we chose this name. When we narrowed down our views on what is important to society, we came to the conclusion that medical research was extremely important to society. So we made our mission statement to go something like so; “Accelerating medical research to the discovery of innovative and effective medicine.” We were very satisfied with our statement and our decision to focus on medical research, hence why we named ourselves the “Bandage Bandits”.
This next week I expect to be very fulfilling. Reaching out to organizations will allow me to become more educated on just what they do, and what kind of effect they have on the community. I expect that the decision of just where I will donate will be a very hard one, but I am definitely looking forward to it.

The First Steps: Philanthropy Project

I’m very excited about starting this project. It’s very interesting to learn about all of my charitable interests and start to study them as a group. I like my group members and their interests and I’m anxious to get started and to see where it takes us. In the exercise we did, I was able to narrow down my interests into three things: Health Research and Education, Environmental Protection, and Religious and Spiritual Organizations. Using these interests I will be able to look more closely into the charities that I may have the chance to donate too later down the line. Mr Farnsworth is was very helpful in guiding us through the first activity, and I’m looking forward to working with him in future.

In conclusion, this project is going to give me personally, as well as our entire class, an opportunity to have some good fun, experience the world of philanthropy, and give back to the community.