Week 2: Who’s Got Team Spirit?

This week, my fellow philanthropists and I have had the wonderful experience of getting into teams and introducing the topics of our Brown Paper Bags. In my group I had Laura Dwyer who brought her hospital bracelet to represent how although she’s been knocked down many times she still gets right back up and resumes what she loves to do most. Next, she brought a bracelet from camp to remind her of how much she loved being in that community area with everyone at camp helping and keeping each other up Lastly, she brought a nickel to symbolize that she can be powerful through a small change.
My next group member was Brianna Hachey. In her Brown Paper Bag she brought a pencil to mark her success and accomplishments in her schoolwork. Next she brought a hair tie which she described as her being very athletic and outgoing. Her next item in her bag was her cell phone which was standing for her being very social and easy to talk to.
The last group member was Jeremy Beasly. His first item was a gators hat to show pride for the college he has been aspiring to get into. Next he brought a pencil because Jeremy is very creative and has an amazing way of expressing himself. Lastly he brought his class ring which in itself hold a lot of things he does as extracurricular activities at out school including wresting, drama, and the ear he’s graduating.
In my Brown Paper Bag, I brought a necklace that my father gave me as a Lo because he told me how special I am to him and to this day I wear it. Next I brought a t-shirt that my best friend for over 8 years and I made one summer. It just constantly reminds me of how much fun I have with her and how I can forget all the troubles with her. Lastly I brought a camp bracelet from when I went to a charity camp. This camp helped me realize what I really wanted to do in life, inspire others to constantly help others with out expecting much of a reward.
In my group we made a Vision Statement combined of all our ideas of what we would love to participate in: “We hope to help families and children while Inspiron others to do the same.”
My individual Mission Statement is “I envision our community eventually working together, not only on their own projects but also together. That no more families will suffer as terribly as we also inspire others to continue to help and respect others.” As a group we discussed what future out come we can predict and we came up with this “my group hopes o help inspire other people to help other families & children”
In all my group has been researching many charities for families and have called the SmileTrain Foundation and two different Children’s Homes.

Week 1: What’s Your Passion?

Throughout the week so far, I’ve learned that some things I’m looking forward to in this program are:
-Inspiring others and helping them out along the way.
-Seeing our charity put our donation in action and seeing it help them out.
-Being known across the country as the pilot groups for the Main Street Philanthropy program.
-Being able to meet face to face with the organization that we’ll be helping and discussing what they would be using the funds for.

My definition of “philanthropy” is anyone who does things for others without expecting a reward or something in return.
Philanthropy means: philos = charitable love
Anthropos = mankind
So in all, I learned that philanthropy means the love of a charitable mankind; being loving and charitable to mankind.

During our session with the MAD cards, I found my top three concerns were educational institutions, family services, and children & youth services.
1. Educational Institutions.
When I thought more deeply into why I would love to support this line of charity, I realized that a lot of children and adults do not have the resources to get a proper education and learn about current issues around the world or even simple things that we as highschoolers learn about.
2. Family Services.
I thought about how many children & wives feel very unsafe in their own homes. How terminally ill children and their families suffer to maintain a normal lifestyle.
3. Children & Youth Services.
If we constantly say that our children are our future, then we have a duty to protect them and give them all that they need to be successful. We need to protect them against abuse, homelessness, and even missing persons.