Week 1: What’s Your Passion?

Everyone has their own simple definition of what philanthropy means to them. To me, philanthropy is the giving away of either time or expenses with no expectation of recieving anything in return. I have recently been given the opportunity to participate and work with Main Street Philanthropy to create a positive impact on mankind. Im currently looking forward to finding out where the money goes that is given to charities, and choosing a charity that im very passionate about.

Until recently i wasn’t directly aware of my passions. Main Street Philanthropy helped me with this by using what we call “Make A Difference” or MAD cards. I found out that my values and concerns consisted of Family Services, Children and Youth Services, and Houses. I knew that these were passions of mine but until this specific task, which made us pick the three most important values of ours, i wasn’t sure which ones i cared about most.

I’m very excited to continue with this¬†experience and work with my fellow classmates, along with Main Street Philanthropy, to create a positive difference in the world and specifically those in need.