what’s Your favorite charity?

This week we did our interviews, I chose my mother. I chose my mother because every summer she put on a Asthma Camp through Florida hospital. The camp is 4 days and completely free, for 2 hours we go over tips to help young children with asthma notice any triggers or how to react when a asthma attack is coming on.  The next part is we take them on a field trip, places like Gatorland or a water park. After asking my mom the interview questions I was surprised to hear that if my mom could change anything in the world it would be that everything didn’t revolve around money. She would love to see a world where happiness kept the world spinning not money and business deals. After the conversation I realized that wherever I was going to donate the money to I wanted to volunteer at too.

Is that’s your final awnser?

This week we chose our charities, I chose Give Kids the World! Give kids the world was not only decent in the qualitative and quantitative analysis’ but they were something I really would like to be involved in. As a recap, we’ve been in groups this entire project and for my group it’s been a pleasant experience. We all respect each others opinions and decisions. The fact that we all didn’t pick the same charity was no problem at all. In this case we are all giving our money to wonderful charities so everyone wins and I think that’s why we have had any problems within the group. Next week were handing out the checks so I’m very excited to see all the charities.

What’s beyond the numbers?

This week we learned a little more on where money goes to when you donate to a charity. There’s A LOT more than I thought would be put into it. Thankfully, my team members looked just as frazzled as I was. Although a qualitative analysis is nice, quantitative seem much more helpful from a donators view. If i were just voluntering at a charity I wouldn’t even think about analyzing their 990. Doing the research though on charities’ 990’s also proved looks can be decieveing and how much longer a charity could potentially last. Even non-profitable charities have their quirks where you really have to ask yourself: how non-profit are these non-profit organizations?

Does it all add up?

This week we learned how to find where the money goes to after charisites have collected donations and such. After doing a few examples with our instructor we investigated our chairities. Our charity Smile Train recieved a 9 out of 15. Which we found that they actually didn’t do as much good as we percieved.  With that in mind we are investigating our other charities. It’s sad to see that our charities aren’t exactly what we thought they were to be.

Also, we contacted people from our charities. We were given the task to have one come in and speak to us. This aswell turned out to be more difficult then percieved. Surprisingly many charities were not cooperative. They did not want to be bothered with making time to come in and speak to us.

It’s all a matter of time now to see who or if we will end up with someone speaking to us in class.

Who’s Got Team Spirit?

Week 2:
This week our instructor, Scott, instructed us to pull out our brown paper bags. Although, I had planned to put a picture of a nurse hat and a microphone, plans changed. At the last minute I decided to switch those out for a friendship bracelet and a nickel. I changed because I decided this philanthropy project was going to impact my life so I used the nickel to symbolize this project. The friendship bracelet was to show that I believe friendship is very important. When we were divided into groups, I learned my fellow group members were creative and friendship was also a necessary aspect to their lives as well. Who knew?
Despite my expectation, creating a mission statement and team name was a lot more difficult than I percieved.When decided our team name would be Family Force Four! We came up with the name because there is four of us and we want to make a difference in families lives. Our mission statement: Our team’s purpose is to serve our community by: supporting families.
Our assignment this week is to reach out to possible charities that we have in mind for helping. I expect to have to explain the project because it’s something unheard of. As well as possibly getting some surprised reactions.It should be an enlighting experience!

Waiting on the world to change.

Week 1:
This was our first week and honestly I was hestitant; Yes, it seemed like a great cause but I have a lot on my plate already balencing school, friends, and a job. Thursday, our instructor had come in and gave us more information which enlightened me on how amazing this experience really is. After having our introduction to the program and our Q & A’s, we used the MAD (Make A Difference cards). The cards will help assign us to teams based on which cards we chose that interested us. I chose: Family Service, Social & Justice/ Civil Rights, and Educational Institutions. I chose these because in my opinion they are essential to living a happy and fair life.
Although the program is just starting, I’m very excited to see where this leads and I look forward to inspiring others, visiting charities, and hopefully really making a difference. I’m also very interested to meet the gracious donator at the end of all this and see how they react to where their money went and how it affected others.
Also, We have an assignment: Put 3 things in a paper bag that help tell the story of who I am. I have put in my bag my ” Fall Risk” bracelet from my knee surgery, a picture of a nurse hat, and a picture from a microphone. I chose the “Fall Risk” bracelet because I have torn my ACL and miniscus’ in both knees as well as many other injuries, being clumsy is who I am. I used a picture of a nurse hat because i aspire to go into the medical field, yet I haven’t decided if I’d like to be a children’s occupational therapist or a pharmacist. Lastly, I put a microphone in because I’m always singing a tune in my head and whenever I’m feeling down or even happy I turn to music, sometimes music has a way of saying how I feel better than I can myself.

Like the song says: I’m waiting on the world to change.