Last Session

We just had our final session and it was a ceremony where we invited the members of our community and the charities that we wanted to donate to. We got to present money to the Franklin Township Food Bank, The Valerie Fund, and Elijah’s Promise. I think the best part of this whole program was seeing the charities receive the checks at the end and knowing how our donations were going to be put to good use. Overall, this program definitely changed my views on life and philanthropy as well. I now know that just one person can change the world with their dreams and actions. I also want other people to be able to experience Main Street Philanthropy so that the world can change for the better, one action at a time.

– Stephanie


Main Street Philanthropy

I think that it’s hard to pick one especially with a group of people with different perspectives but to come up with one organization with those same people is a better feeling and even better knowing that it’s for a good purpose.

Final Week

I think that I learned a lot throughout my journey in Main Street Philanthropy. It showed me what I can really achieve in this world and that my passion for giving that I never really knew about. I also leaned a lot of stuff about what tax returns are, Form 990s. I think I learned a lot of lessons that will remain with me throughout my life. One would be that it only takes one person with a strong heart to change the path the world is going to take. Another one is that all people are unique and have potential that they know about or will in the near future. I will try to teach the concept of “giving” to as many people as I can and hope that it will also help them to become a better person as well.

-Harshil Pateles_criteria_philanthropy (1)


Final Session

Overall, I have been very content with how the program has run. I truly gained a lot of intellectual vitality from being able to meet with the different non profits and asking them meaningful questions. I think my group did a fantastic job working together. We managed to fundraise a large amount of money and evenly distribute the fund to both Elijah’s Promise and the Valerie Fund. There was a lot to learn from this program and I am extremely thrilled that I got to be a part of it!


Ninth Session

I can’t believe that our time with Main Street Philanthropy is almost over! It’s been a long but very rewarding journey. In the end, my team chose to give money to four charities. We wanted to give the most money to the Franklin Township Food Bank and Elijah’s Promise because they shared our mission statements. We also wanted to give money to two other charities because we felt that they  needed more money in order to effectively make an impact on the community. I’m excited for next class because we will be inviting some directors of the charities back and we will be giving our checks to them.

– Stephanie

Is That Your Final Answer?

This week our teams got to decide which charities to allocate our money to. My group discussed our analysis of the organizations, the interviews and how closely they related to our mission. This was a great way to evaluate the charities and pick the ones that stood out to us. My group picked Elijah’s Promise and the Valerie Fund as the two organizations we would like to give the money to. I am curious to see what organizations the other groups picked.


-Neha Hinduja

Week 9

This week, I learned a lot of different points of views of the other groups about the charities. Basically all the groups wanted to donate to Elijah’s promise because the representative who came for that organization really left a lasting impression on us; it was really the stories and personal experiences that got my attention. I believe that all the charities are good and do a lot for the community, but we only have so much to give to them, I kinda feel bad leaving out some of the charities. I donated $46 and with the money my group made as well plus the $600 we are getting, I feel that it would be right to split it up between The Valerie Fund and Elijah’s Promise.

Anticipation for tomorrow’s class!

Hey Team…

Just a quick note to let you all know, I’m so excited for tomorrow’s class.

I just spent the last half hour re-reading many of your blogs.  The growth you’ve realized over the past few months is so wonderful and I’m so proud of what you’ve accomplished thus far.  I know these last two classes are going to be so powerful, perhaps even emotional.

You’ve had 8 weeks to discover your passions.  To learn how to work together collaboratively.  To grow into leaders.  To develope shared mission, vision, purpose and values statements.  To articulate and voice your thoughts and feelings in front of peers, teachers, non profit leaders, cameras! To learn how to analyze organizations both quantitatively and qualitatively.  To interview leaders of organizations whose missions align with your passions, adult to adult.  To volunteer your time and raise money to support these causes and organizations you’ve discovered.   To make an impact.  To come to the realization that even one person can make a real difference.

Now it’s time to decide who deserves and has earned an investment of your social capital.  I know it’s not easy.  Evey one of these organizations is doing noble work.  They’re serving those in need.  Our hearts break that we can’t give to all of them.  But….. that’s the way of the world… and for those who you do decide to support, think of the impact you’re making!  Wow.

See you tomorrow




Session 8

This past session we decided where our groups want to allot our money to. It was tough making this decision especially because all the representatives had some great information to bring to the table. After careful consideration, I really think my group divided up it’s money to put to good use. Now we are starting to put together presentations to show the class why we picked certain organizations. I think this past session was a great opportunity to reflect on how much we have learned so far and what is best for our group’s cause. It was also a great opportunity to critically think about how our money would be best spent.

Eighth Session

Now that our board panel discussions are over, we need to determine which charities we want to donate to and how much money we want to donate to each. My group is leaning towards Elijah’s Promise and the Franklin Township Food Bank because those are the charities that have similar mission statements and goals. Personally, I really enjoyed the personal stories that each board member told because they gave us a glimpse of the motivations of the board member. It showed us why they truly believed in their organinzations and how much they were doing in order to be successful. All of these charities are great and are run by great people.

– Stephanie