week 7

i liked meeting all of the charities. it was fun getting to ask them questions and hearing their answers. i really liked the charity that brought in the dog. i also liked the representative from the house where children that run away can go.

week 6

this week we met some of the charities. i think that it was pretty cool to get to talk to them. the ones that really stood out to me were great expectations and valerie fund. i am in the animal group but i liked what those two charities were doing.

week 5

in class we went over some questions that we can ask the representatives at next class. i think that asking them questions will be fun and i would like to see if we really know more about their company than they do.

week 4

i think that working with the 990 forms was interesting. we can see what charities are doing with the money. if charities are spending a lot on management and less on their program i think that that is something we should know. i also tried to get in contact with an organization and i emailed them but they didn’t email me back

week 3

trying to contact these organizations was hard. i think that it will be pretty difficult to actually get someone to come in to class.

i think our fundraising will be successful. we came up with a lot of great ideas. i think that we can make our goal.

getting to know each other

i think that this activity with the brown paper bag was pretty cool. it was a good way of getting to know the people in our group. i thought it was kind of funny how 4 out of 5 people in my group brought pictures of our dogs and we are the animal group.