Meeting the charities

It’s hard to pick which charity should have donations because they all support good cause.excited to meet more charities.


During class we tried to come up with questions to ask to the charities. It was very difficult trying to come up with questions that they could put thought and feelings to and not sound like they repeat things. Can’t wait for the first representatives or charities to come.

Learning about form 990

This week has been like another math class,but in a good way. In class we used a website called guidestar which help many of use to realize whether or not the organizations we want to help out is worth the money to give to. I’ve done 2 different organizations, Franklin food bank and cookies for cancer kids. I came to conclude that the money would be better off to the cookies for cancer kids since most of their money goes to the program more than wasting money on fundraising and other things. The only thing left to do is to wait for organizations to come and visit our school.

Looking for Charities

My group and I were looking for charities that share at least something in common to hunger and health. I stumbled upon one but to notice that it was located out of the state of New Jersey. The down side to it is that it’s hard to find charities that are what I want to help in and to find the ones that go for the cause I want to help are located out of the state.

Brown paper bag

This week we were put into teams and i was surprise that in my team we all had the same ideas and intention. We may not know each other well but what we do know is that we share the same career path we want to achieve. I had fun this week, can’t wait to continue.