Week 4

I’m a little bit lost, I’ve learned a little bit so far about the 990 charities organization. I understand that it’s about keeping track on the profit or how much we want to keep donating for how long, but I’m still in the process of reaching out to other companies, so hopefully when i get to class tomorrow I focus a little more so I can make a charity donations successful. I do not want to make money or spend money, I just want to volunteer and help others get some quality food in their stomachs.

week 4

At first mainstreet philanthropy did not catch my attention but over the weekend I was being lectured and a quote thathad grabbed my was “Feed everybody if you can… even the enemy” and I thought like wow!
That’s exactly what my project is about, and thought about it twice how important it is to fill an empty stomach. I’m now lookin foward to put more effort in the group.

Starvation Saviors

Hello my name is Edwin Valle, and this week I feel like I have a couple things in common with the people in my group who i did not know at all. They are creative and as a group i feel like we click with sharing ideas.