organizations part 2

This week, my groups’ (Action for Animals) organization came in from the Animal Welfare Association. Also directors from Elijah’s Promise, Franklin Twnshp. Food Bank, and Somerset Home were here. They all got my attention because they are all such great causes. John, from the animal association, also brought in an alumni therapy dog. I learned a lot about each charity from this time the directors came in as well as last time. It makes me happy knowing that the money we are going to donate is going to such great causes.

organizations part 1

This week charities and organizations from the Environmental, Hunger, and Children Displacement groups came in.The lady that came in from The Center of Great Expectations (not sure if that’s he correct group), immediately got my attention because she stood up (the first person to do so) and projected nice and clear. She was there with a purpose and every time she talked, I listened to her intently. Every group that came though all got my attention. They were all such great causes and I can tell it’ll be hard to choose which organziations to give the money to.

week 6

This week in MSP, we saw about 24 questions to ask the organizations directors when they come into the class. They were really thought provoking questions. He also had some of us make some questions and Tony went around the class and asked all the different groups. Some were really good! Can’t wait for when the directors come in!!

week 5

Although I wasn’t here last Monday, I learned from the book that we were taught how to read form 990’s. I thought this was great because it really shows us whether or not the charity or organization we picked out is deserving of the money. While doing the forms, we learned that it takes more to care for people then animals which is what I was expecting. I actually had some fun doing this.

week 3

During week 3, we started to discuss different ways to try and raise money for our organization. We came up with different lists which had things like bake sale and even silly string a teacher! It was good to discuss because now we know our goal for this project and as well as what organization we want to donate towards.

week 2 – getting to know each other

This week, we did an activity where we all sat in a group and talked about what three things are important to us. While doing this, we find out we all have a passion for animal care. It’s interesting how it all came together.