Meeting Charities

I enjoyed hearing the different reasons for why the individuals supported their causes. I liked the Valerie fund out of all the charities because of his presentation and his influence on me. I thought that lung cancer was the worst out of all the other problems because it affected little children the most.

Week 5

During this week we learned how to cold call and really recognize charities that deserved money. We also looked at charities’ 990 forms online and saw which charities truly post there information to the public. Based off of those forms we also found out which charities truly donate.

Week 4

This week was interesting because we learned about the 990 form which allowed us to access the charities information. I was frustrated at some charities because they would not post any information online. When I tried to call they also wouldn’t pick up. The good thing I learned about this was that if charities were not interested in donors then I shouldn’t waste my time speaking to them.

Week 3- Bhavik

I liked thinking of different ideas for fundraising. This week also allowed our group to communicate better because we had to think of strategies.I hope to donate to the charity of my choice and make a difference in someones life. At first i was slightly skeptical on how I could impact someones life, however I now realize that anyone can make a significant impact on one’s life.

Week 2- Getting to know each other

I had a great time working in groups because I got to learn my classmates interest. I also looked into some charities that appealed to me. Main Street Philanthropy employs a great message that should be spread throughout the world. Lastly, the concept of giving back to my community has allowed me to change my perception of charity. People just give money sometimes without purpose but when I donate I want to make sure that it is goes to the right cause.

Bhavik S.