week 7

This week the organizations came in and talked about their charities. I especially liked the dog coming in. Listening to these charities talk made me learn more about them and would like to volunteer for them as well.

week 6

I really enjoyed asking questions and listening to the people that came in to talk about their organization. It was really interesting to hear what they had to say and to see how the money would be useful to them.

week 5

If was really nice to be able to look at 990 forms for charities. We get to know more about where the money goes. I’m excited to be able to fundraise and have people from charities come to our class. I can’t wait for the dog to come.

week 4

This week was interesting. We learned what Form 990 was. This is helpful in knowing which charity to put the money into by seeing where the money goes in each charity. Doing research on a charity you have chosen is a good way to know them better and to see if the money you will be giving them is going for the right cause.

week 3

this week we had to find our charities to donate to and call them up. In class it was good to come up with fundraising activities. Most of the groups came up with the same activity such as penny wars or how to embarrass a teacher by having a pie to there face or dying their hair.

week 2- getting to know each other

I really liked the “getting to know each other” activity. We learned some of our classmates interests and passions . We were put into groups with people who have a similar interest for a charity which I thought was good.