Second Panel

I really like this panel, I especially liked the dog but the organization really caught my attention. I would like to donate to this cause because they really go beyond than what similar organizations like this do. They make sure that every animal finds a loving home. I think is important because we shouldn’t forget the ones without a voice.

Week 6

I really liked week 6. This past week was by far my favorite because we actually got to see and interact with the people in charge of these organizations. I really like listening to all of their answer to the questions asked. Not just that, but I like their personalities. They all seem like very talented and dedicated people. From all of the information regarding those organization it made me look actually want to help more.

990 form

For this lesson I was not in school, therefore I was behind in all the work. When I came back the next day it was very difficult to understand what everyone was doing. After one of my class mates was nice enough to help me out I got the hang of it. I was able to understand the 990 form and how organizations really work and how they control the financial situation. Now that I now how the 990 form works I’m excited for the fundraisers and the lessons.

Week 3 late post

I forgot to blog for that week. But I was really excited to research more about the organization we were interested in donating to. This week one of my group mates reached out to one of the representatives of the organizations. I look forward learning more about philanthropy.

Getting to know each other

I really liked this activity. I’ve done this activity before and I really like it because every time I do it is a new experience. I really like getting to know people and this activity made me want to get to know my peers more.I’m really starting to enjoy this program and look forward to learning many great things and helping people.