Week 9

I found it interesting how people were influenced so much by the charities. Each team gave money to different charities and that should help those charities.


This week we made Powerpoints to show what charities we wanted to give money to and why. It was cool to see how we are able to decide how much each charity gets.

Meeting the Charities Week 7

We met some more charities. It was really interesting to see their passion. It was cool to see that some charities work together for better cause like the Franklin Food Bank and Elijah’s Promise.

Meeting the Charities

I really enjoyed hearing about each charity and their objectives. Each charity is very passionate about what they believe in and they try to make our world a better place. The Valarie Fund had the greatest impact on me because I believe helping all the kids with cancer is truly meaningful especially the camp they set up.

Week 5

This week I was able to contact Jim Zullo of Elijah’s promise and he was able to come in. That is another charity that can we can interview on the 13th.

Week 4

This week I learned a lot. I learned how easy it is to read and understand a Form 990. The form allowed me to realize how good some charities were at spending money on their program while others spent a lot of it on their management cost.I also learned how well charities were at making money for themselves and the cost to make a dollar.

Week 3

It was really hard picking what charities fit our criteria. Many charities were fighting for something we did not believe in like animal rights or youth services. We wanted charities that helped the hunger and help medical research. We came up with many fundraising ideas to help raise money and hope that they are successful.

Getting To Know Each Other

During Week 2, I enjoyed how we got grouped with people with our causes. I also learned how many other people wanted to help people in the medical field and fight hunger. Some people wanted to be pediatricians like me. I enjoyed this week’s activity as it got me to learn new things about other people whom I’ve never met before.