Organizations pt 2

This week we met the other organizations and I even had the chance to met a dog that the animal organization  brought in. I have to admit the dog was kind a distraction at first but it was an interesting  time to learn about the organizations and how two of them even work together .

Meeting Organizations Pt.1

This week we got a chance to meet some organizations and in my opinion, I felt really disappointed with the energy received, I mean I didn’t really get a feel of why they felt so passionately about the cause to help it. I felt we ran out of time to actually discuss more important aspects.

This is a big decision and I feel like we can’t get all the aspects of the foundations decided in a limited time frame. So…this week sucked because now am like torn on who should receive money and who shouldn’t and yea.

Week 6

This week we learned about the 990 forms and how to evaluate how organizations divide up their money and resources and how much money actually goes into the cause. We also as a class continued to cold call organizations I found from experience that email works more than calling .

Week 4

This week I got the oppurtunity to contact an organization that actually responded which was amazing. I also attempted to contact other organizations and would be so glad if we got to receive a bunch feedback and support from the organizations

Week 3

This week we talked within our groups, effective ways to raise money for the organziations we chose as a class and as a group.  We also tried to contact the organzations, which eneded up in a fail for me because none of them returned my calls unfortunetly .

It’s Share Time.

This week in Main Street philanthropy we got into groups based on our interests. I didn’t really like this at first cause I didn’t feel like moving but I quickly started to like it when my group and i were sharing our passions or what makes us who we are. So in conlcusion it was a good week. I got to learn more about various people in my group and shared personal stories I wouldn’t otherwise talk about.