Charities round 2

As before, putting an actual face to the charities made me think much more of them. This time, I really liked the animal shelter and youth homeless shelter, and would consider not only donating money to them but also volunteering my time to them. Through meeting the charities, I have also discovered I like helping those who are less fortunate, whether they be animals or human.

Meeting the charities

Actually meeting representatives for the charities let me see what the charities are really about and how enthusiastic the representatives were about their respective charities. I became more interested in the woman’s ¬†shelter once I was able to her someone actually talk about it and hear what people will have to go through. I look forward to hearing from even more charities next week, especially with the dog.

Form 990

This week I got to learn more about the ins and outs of charities by analyzing their tax forms. It prepared me to know how a charity really works, where they spend their money and how efficient they are at raising it. This can be a major factor in deciding where my donation will go.