December 2, 2014

We did our powerpoints an it was amazing to see where my group member wanted the money and why. It was also cool to know a little more how they felt.

It was cool to see the organizations and it’ll definitely be hard to see where I want the money to go, and the opinions of my peers in class.

Guest Speakers

This experience was very great. It actually made me think about the harsh decision of where money will actually go, and also who really needs it. I’m leaning towards one or two charities/organizations so far. As we know there are also 4-5 guests coming 11/13/14 so, let’s see how my opinion changes

Last Class

Class was fun especially learning how many people that are going to come in, and I think it’s going to be a good experience

Class was fun and I learned who actually cares. Also how much money actually went to businesses. It showed me also how much income a non-profit business could have. Also blew my mind they don’t pay tax either.


Last class I learned that my group couldn’t find any organizations, I also learned it was a little difficult to find any. To have a thought and to find organizations in or near Somerset.