week 7

I interviewed my friend because that was the only person available. She was interested in the fact that I was doing this and she said that she wanted to take this class next year. I learned from this that she was interested in the things that I am, so we could volunteer a the same places and have a good time doing so

week 6

Five people came in to talk to us about their organization and I found it beneficial because I got to really get the feel of the organization and learn more about how they run things. I learned that I want to donate to an organization that helps young kids whether it be for team moms or a cancer organization. I just want something to help my youth.

week 5

i learned that every organization is not out to help the people it offers it services too. while some are there that help and give support to the people in need. these organizations provide the tools they need for everyday life such as food, water, and shelter.

week 4

I am learning that its cheaper to invest in animals rather than actual humans because the appearance and quality of food is less important to an animal than a human. I am finding that its a little bit more difficult to evaluate a non profit organization for potential causes because the organization i looked up can’t survive with out donation more than 15 days.

week 2

My experience with creating our mission statement was fun because we had similar ideas so it was easy making it fun to come up with ideas. I expect to encounter some great organizations that we could really help people from. I think it’ll also benefit us ad a whole. I’m definitely interested in this and can’t wait to see the outcome. It makes me feel better and fullfilled as a person knowing I’m helping others.