Kristiana hicks per 3

I’ve spoke to the people from my church about coming to our class but I haven’t heard back yet I’ll wait another day since it’s bee two then I’ll email ,I’m too scard to call honestly . I still have to hand in my business letter and I have to come see Mr.richter about other things I need to catch up on.

Kristiana Hicks per 3

I Found the perfect charity to write my business letter to “Harvest Of Hope” Its an adoption agency. The reason I chose this organization is because i actually have a personal connection with Harvest of hope i was placed in a foster home when i was 18 months through Harvest of Hope and i was adopted when i was 5. Harvest of Hope which works with my church.

Kristiana Hicks Per 3

I Haven’t been posting like i should,i’ve been swamped with SAT Prep,Other class work and my job.I feel like i’m playing catch up.

kristiana per 3

Im looking forward to working with all my classmates this year. I like my group we have similar interests. (our team name is power to the people)