Week #

In Class We Started To Decide Aa Which Organization To Distribute To. It Made Us Realize Which Is More Inportant That Others. We Also Started To Raise To Give Out

Second Day of Visitor- Week #

Class was really fun we became informed on other charities dealing with hunger which is what our group is fighting for. We had two different food charities which made my choice to pick a bit dificult. Fun Day

Week # (Interviewing the charities)

Meeting the charities helped a lot in understanding how the charities work and how valuable they are. Some of the charities stood out to me and had me thinking as which to chose from. I look forward for the next group and the dog


week 5

In class we got to identify how organizations really are whether they are trying to help the or just take money. Also we started to create idea as to which organization should recieve money.

Week 4- 990’s Form

This week of MSP has increased our knownledge for our organization. We learn about their expenses which aids us in selecting which charities we should give money to.

Week 3

I Felt That Week 3 was more interactive. We search for organization that help our cause. Nice class.