I will remember the panel sessions because I got a chance to ask what I thought was important. The most valuable lesson that I learned was that we need charities and charities need us. I think I will give money in my future. I would tell them to manage their finances in a way so that the programs would get the most money. This class is great and it can give you a whole new outlook on life itself. Finally, I would give the $250 away as I have noticed the value of giving money after this course.

Hammad F.

Second Panel

In this second panel I really liked the represenation of Elijah’s Promise. Hunger was my main cause and I see that along with hunger Elijah’s Promise also work with for many other causes for those people who are in need. I would really like to dnoate to this organization because they have shown that they care for their people and that they work only for the people’s benefit.

Hammad F.

Panel Session 1

This week we talked to five orgabization heads on a panel. I asked them a qyestion and they all gave me answers that made me happy. Also they left good impressions on me and I hope that we have left good impressions for the panel as well.

Hammad F.

990 forms evaluation

In this past week we learned that most of the non profit organizations that we hace researched aren’t worth our money. Also we learned how difficult it is to actually get the attention of these organizations because they don’t respond.

Hammad F.

Week 4- Form 990

This week in class we learned how to analyze form 990s and how to take out important infomration. We applied what we leanred to the 990 forms of the organizations that e have contacted. I thought it was great to learn where the money of the non-profit organizations is going.

Week 3- What’s our mission?

This week in our groups we came up with ideas to fundraise money. Also I have called up the organizations and am waiting for a response from the executives. Finally, we came up with a mission and a vision statement and came up with a series pf steps that we will have to take to accomplish our mission.

Hammad F.


Week 2: Getting to know each other

I had a great time learning my friends’ interests. The activity was fun because I got to learn my teammates values and interests along with being able to share my own. It was a good learning experience which helped me introduce myself to others.

Hammad F.