week 7: Meeting the charities

Last week we got to meet some charities from around New Jersey. They seemed like they knew what they were talking about when they were asked questions. They also seemed to really appreciate what they were doing. Now tomorrow we get to meet 4 more charities and get to ask them some question.

Week 6

Some of the organizations out here aren’t here to help. They take and use the money for other things other then the organization. Its sad that some of the organizations wont last past 6 months.

week 4 990 forms

We learned about the 990 forms. I had trouble understanding the 990 forms. I’m a little bummed that I still haven’t been able to get in contact with any of the organizations.

Week 3

In week three we learned about purpose, vision, and mission statements. For homework we had to contact organizations to try to get them to come to our school. Haven’t had any luck so far. It just really sucks not being able to in contact with anyone.

week 2- getting to know each other

Last week we shared 3 items that were special to us. We had to share them with our group. We learned that all of us have a passion for animals.