week 7

i liked meeting all of the charities. it was fun getting to ask them questions and hearing their answers. i really liked the charity that brought in the dog. i also liked the representative from the house where children that run away can go.

It was cool to see the organizations and it’ll definitely be hard to see where I want the money to go, and the opinions of my peers in class.

Charities round 2

As before, putting an actual face to the charities made me think much more of them. This time, I really liked the animal shelter and youth homeless shelter, and would consider not only donating money to them but also volunteering my time to them. Through meeting the charities, I have also discovered I like helping those who are less fortunate, whether they be animals or human.

Meeting Charities Pt. 2

I really enjoyed meeting the representatives of the charities this week and last week. I feel that meeting the charities this week was a lot different last week because the last group of people gave more insight on why they decided to join the organization. However, this week I felt that they mostly talked about money and I didn’t feel that they included personal stories which is always nice to hear.

week 7

This week the organizations came in and talked about their charities. I especially liked the dog coming in. Listening to these charities talk made me learn more about them and would like to volunteer for them as well.

organizations part 2

This week, my groups’ (Action for Animals) organization came in from the Animal Welfare Association. Also directors from Elijah’s Promise, Franklin Twnshp. Food Bank, and Somerset Home were here. They all got my attention because they are all such great causes. John, from the animal association, also brought in an alumni therapy dog. I learned a lot about each charity from this time the directors came in as well as last time. It makes me happy knowing that the money we are going to donate is going to such great causes.

organizations part 1

This week charities and organizations from the Environmental, Hunger, and Children Displacement groups came in.The lady that came in from The Center of Great Expectations (not sure if that’s he correct group), immediately got my attention because she stood up (the first person to do so) and projected nice and clear. She was there with a purpose and every time she talked, I listened to her intently. Every group that came though all got my attention. They were all such great causes and I can tell it’ll be hard to choose which organziations to give the money to.

Meeting the Charities Week 7

We met some more charities. It was really interesting to see their passion. It was cool to see that some charities work together for better cause like the Franklin Food Bank and Elijah’s Promise.

Organizations pt 2

This week we met the other organizations and I even had the chance to met a dog that the animal organization  brought in. I have to admit the dog was kind a distraction at first but it was an interesting  time to learn about the organizations and how two of them even work together .

week 7

I interviewed my friend because that was the only person available. She was interested in the fact that I was doing this and she said that she wanted to take this class next year. I learned from this that she was interested in the things that I am, so we could volunteer a the same places and have a good time doing so