I will remember the panel sessions because I got a chance to ask what I thought was important. The most valuable lesson that I learned was that we need charities and charities need us. I think I will give money in my future. I would tell them to manage their finances in a way so that the programs would get the most money. This class is great and it can give you a whole new outlook on life itself. Finally, I would give the $250 away as I have noticed the value of giving money after this course.

Hammad F.

Week 9

I found it interesting how people were influenced so much by the charities. Each team gave money to different charities and that should help those charities.

Week #

In Class We Started To Decide Aa Which Organization To Distribute To. It Made Us Realize Which Is More Inportant That Others. We Also Started To Raise To Give Out


This week we made Powerpoints to show what charities we wanted to give money to and why. It was cool to see how we are able to decide how much each charity gets.

December 2, 2014

We did our powerpoints an it was amazing to see where my group member wanted the money and why. It was also cool to know a little more how they felt.

week 8

this week we made our presentation to divide up our money. i think that we divided it equally for the problems we care about. we put a lot of thought into it.

Awee the dog was so cute! Lol. I thought the charities on the panel were convincing but, I think everybody was a little thrown off by the dog.

Second Day of Visitor- Week #

Class was really fun we became informed on other charities dealing with hunger which is what our group is fighting for. We had two different food charities which made my choice to pick a bit dificult. Fun Day

Second Panel

In this second panel I really liked the represenation of Elijah’s Promise. Hunger was my main cause and I see that along with hunger Elijah’s Promise also work with for many other causes for those people who are in need. I would really like to dnoate to this organization because they have shown that they care for their people and that they work only for the people’s benefit.

Hammad F.

Second Panel

I really like this panel, I especially liked the dog but the organization really caught my attention. I would like to donate to this cause because they really go beyond than what similar organizations like this do. They make sure that every animal finds a loving home. I think is important because we shouldn’t forget the ones without a voice.