week 8

Working in a group is never easy. There are always going to be some disagreements about things but you have to get past it and get through it together. In the group that I am working with we have had some disagreements about what kind of fundraiser we want to do. When we were talking about it there were all kinds of ideas, but we had to go with the most realistic for our school. In the end though we all were in agreement and got through it. Also when trying to get everyone in participation and letting them know that this is team work and everyone should be participating. When choosing our organization to donate the money to while talking to the people we knew right away that we were going to donate to Pets for Vets because while talking to the guy he was so energetic and excited to tell us everything about this organization. It was really fun listening to this guy talk about how he loves to help those local veterans who are in need of a little extra loving when they are dealing with PTSD. Listening to him talk about the experiences that he has gone through was a no brainer that Pets for Vets was the right organization for my group. I am really excited for the field trip coming up, not only am I excited to see the expression on the faces of the organization that my group has raised money for everyone else’s group as well. I am excited to see all the charities that we have heard about in person and experience it first hand

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