Week 8

A. How did your team decide on which organizations are best for your investment? How did you determine the amounts to allocate? Our team decided that we were going to split in three ways for the three members. We don’t really know how much is going to each charity but we made 295 dollars and I heard that Joanne is giving us some money so we’ll have to add that it.

B. What has your experience been in working in a group environment? Are you finding it easy? Difficult? Is your ground in agreement on decisions being made? How are you handling disagreement? Honestly when I first started I was scared of my group because of my crippling anxiety. But eventually I liked my members and I couldn’t ask for better ones! It has been so smooth with my group! And I like it because I don’t have to make such huge decisions, we make them together as a team. We don’t really have disagreement?

C. What do you expect for next week? Honestly I think it’s going to be fun seeing all the different charities.

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