week 8

Working in a group is never easy. There are always going to be some disagreements about things but you have to get past it and get through it together. In the group that I am working with we have had some disagreements about what kind of fundraiser we want to do. When we were talking about it there were all kinds of ideas, but we had to go with the most realistic for our school. In the end though we all were in agreement and got through it. Also when trying to get everyone in participation and letting them know that this is team work and everyone should be participating. When choosing our organization to donate the money to while talking to the people we knew right away that we were going to donate to Pets for Vets because while talking to the guy he was so energetic and excited to tell us everything about this organization. It was really fun listening to this guy talk about how he loves to help those local veterans who are in need of a little extra loving when they are dealing with PTSD. Listening to him talk about the experiences that he has gone through was a no brainer that Pets for Vets was the right organization for my group. I am really excited for the field trip coming up, not only am I excited to see the expression on the faces of the organization that my group has raised money for everyone else’s group as well. I am excited to see all the charities that we have heard about in person and experience it first hand

week 7

Looking back on this experience of Main Street Philanthropy, I have learned a lot about myself as well as others around me. While talking to many people trying to find the right charity to give to I learned that there are many people trying to give back to their community in many ways that sometimes we can’t really see unless we really look. There are so many big groups out there that are trying to give back, and sometimes we look right past it without really looking. Doing the right thing sometimes takes more time and energy than people are ready for. Not all things come easy, and that’s why looking back on my experience it was more difficult than I thought it would be. With my group it was really hard to find the right charity for us. We called many charities and we had many people hang up on us or just be plain old rude. When we called a charity called Pets for Vets right away we knew that this was the right charity for us. The person that we were talking to was so energetic about his charity and just about helping people in general. When we hung up that phone we knew that exactly that we wanted to donate to them. We invited him to come talk to our class and just like on the phone, he was so happy to talk about his charity and that’s when our group made our final decision to donate our money that we are going to raise to him.
While I was looking for someone to interview I wanted to do someone that I knew well to get to know them a little better too. So I decided to do my mom. While interviewing her she had a harder time trying to find the right answer for many questions, but one answer that she gave me really hit me. The question I asked her was tell me about a time when it felt like you made a meaningful difference in someone’s life, or in your community, or in our country. When she answered telling me that when she see’s her kids doing the things that they love and when they come back to thank her for everything that she has done is when she knows that she has done something good with her life.

Week 6

Listening to the the speakers on Wednesday was actually really interesting. All of them were doing these organizations for different reason, but one of those reasons were the same. All of them were working with those organizations because they love what they are doing. Not many people can actually love what they are doing. One that really stood out to me was the lady from Free Spirit Riders, when she was telling us what her reason was for working their gave me goose bumps and tears in my eyes. When she said that the little boy couldn’t talk because he didn’t have the muscles and that she was there for his first words really stood out to me. When she said that they were going to get Veterans to come for their therapeutic rides our group thought that if we were to raise enough money we would like to donate to them because they really stuck out to us. Listening to them I want to take this project a lot more seriously because looking at them and how passionate they are about this, I don’t want to just go through the motions and saying I did it. Instead I want to actually feel like it was important to me.
The fundraising for my group The American Go Getters is going really well. Right now at this point we are focusing on the little details. We want to get an announcement type up so that the school knows about what we are doing, and why we are doing it. I am learning that there is a lot more work than I thought to just organize a fundraiser. It’s hard to work with such a big group too because you want everyone to participate in it and finding days that everyone can is hard. Our current plans are hosting a Teacher In Jail, this is which ever first block class raises the most money will get a free period and we provide a treat. We are all chipping in to get the treat. We are broken up into two teams, Trista and I will be going around the high school to see who is raising money. Kaitlyn and Paige will be going around and collecting the money and counting it to see how they are doing.

Week 5

While looking at different charities it’s important to make sure that they are legit charity and not going to just take your money that you make for them. It’s hard to make sure that they have all of their tax forms are filled out and that they are actually done and they are right. When talking to a charity and if they are a little hesitant about their tax forms you might not really want to fundraise for them because they may not actually be a reputable charity. Evaluating a non-profit organization for a potential investment in their cause can be difficult but also rewarding. At first trying to get the contact information or getting the email is difficult, and you may get down on yourself and upset. You have to just wait and when you get that information and you start talking to them it is very rewarding to listen to how excited they get when you tell them you would like to fundraise for them. All the work that you put into getting a reliable charity and making sure their tax forms are good and up to date but in the end it will all be worth it.

week 4

1.) Our organization is a bunch of local veterans who need a little help with when they come home from the military. We wanted to help those local to us with as much money as we can raise. This organization is non-profit and helps veterans with needed help like financial, emotional, and professional resources to service members, veterans, and their families in the Fond du Lac, Sheboygan, and Dodge County areas. All donations stay local and go directly toward local military families and the organizations that serve them. 2.) It’s important to look at numbers because you don’t want to be helping an organization that can’t be trusted. I learned that many organizations have very good tax returns to get more people to help them.

Week 3

1.) I have helped a lot of people in the past, from going on mission trips with my church and volunteering for the community. I have many family members who are veterans and still in the military today. Raising money doesn’t do the justice of what they have done for us but, giving back something means a lot to me. My vision is wanting to raise money for veterans who are struggling today. It’s important because veterans have done so much for us in the past and still today. 2.) I hope that the organizations see what we are trying to do and want let us raise some money for those who have done so much for us.My group is hoping that we could do a teacher in jail event and have kids raise money and know that they are doing something good for our community.

week 2

During our second week of Main Street Philanthropy we did a brown paper bag activity. We had to put three items in the bag that represented us. I put a softball picture of my team, a seashell, and a bracelet that I get on my mission trips that I go on every year. I learned a lot about my group, for instance one of the people in my group likes collecting rocks. This activity really helped getting to know our group as a whole. I really enjoyed getting to know more about the people in my class as well.

blog 1

Today for the first week of the Mainstreet Philanthropy we got twenty MAD cards with a bunch of causes that needed help. To my surprise it was very hard to choose my top 3 cards. All of those cards meant something to me. I chose Children and Youth Services because, children of all ages deserve to grow up and have a happy childhood with good memories from playing with friends. The second one that I chose is Veterans and Service Personnel because, veterans have done so much for all of us that doing something as simple as this doesn’t add up to what they did for us but it is at least something. The last one that I chose was Hunger. I picked this because people of all ages need help with getting food. I felt that this is a way i could help people of all ages. My partner chose Hunger, Housing, and Health Research and Education. It taught me a lot about my partner because he chose the Health Research and Education because he wanted to help people who are diagnosed every year that can’t get the proper medical attention. It was really cool to see what my classmates chose, not only did it surprise me what they chose but I surprised myself on what I chose.